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The Chain Trick. Follow-ups Will Be Added Shortly.


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The Chain Trick

The Chain Trick…. A delicious dessert for two.

Ingredients: A length of chrome plated ¼” proof coil chain.

Rubbing alcohol.

Dish soap.

‘Personal’ Lube

Willing and sexually adventurous woman of legal age.

SERVES TWO (Or more if you play well with others.)

As served by the best Kinks of Europe.

“Memorable” – The Exotic Review. “Gripping’ - US Snooze and Weird Report

“Unbelieveable” - KneesWeak magazine. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH” - Neighbors

“I saw 5 Stars” – Sally Jesse Raaaaphael “6 Minute Orgasm” - KeLLiColt

Prepare length of chain: Wash it in dish soap and rinsing it in alcohol. Wash off the alcohol in warm water. You want it clean and sterile. It doesn’t hurt to have it slightly warm too. Wrap it in a towel… you’ll need the towel later. Set the wrapped chain aside.

Prepare Willing Wom(a/e)n of legal age. Note: Personal tastes and techniques vary. Do what works best for you. Woman should be happy and secure. Woman should be excited and feeling playful. Woman likely has NO IDEA how strong this will be. Neither do you. Have fun with that! Warm up Woman. Lick her clit, tickle her g-spot (it’s going to be really tickled later.) Kiss her and tease her. Get her wet. If she’s multiorgasmic (lucky you!) let her cum a few times. Little orgasms at this point are perfect.

Now combine previously prepared chain and warmed Willing Woman and serve.

Use lube.

Use more lube.

Serving: Spread Woman. Knees up, ankles at her sides, lying on her back. Place a pillow under her if it helps make her birth canal open. Use lube.

Slowly insert the chain link by link. Caution: you can pinch delicate folds between the links if you are not careful. Fact of the matter is…you probably will. If you go slow it will be a tiny pinch. To avoid pinching use lots of lube and slip each link into the one that preceded it (it will become obvious quickly how that’s done.). Have fun with it. Insert the first few links as far as you can easily reach with one finger. They will move back as the latter links follow. The chain slowly fills and stretches her vagina. There are few nerves ending in the muscular walls of the vagina. These are rarely stimulated even during sex. This stretching introduces new sensations which can be quite powerful.

USE LUBE. Liberally. (That’s why you brought the chain in a towel. Use the towel under her. Some lubes stain – especially on satin. Don’t ask; trust me on this.)

The sensations you are creating are very much like those induced by ‘fisting’. The advantage of the chain is that you don’t have to pass a large fist through the vaginal opening. There are some other advantages; she can move around more. That can be fun too. Try different positions when the chain is inside her. Let her roll on her side or on to her tummy. She may be able to walk with the chain inside her; that’s very interesting!

Note on how much chain to use. You won’t know in advance how much she can take. Buy a couple of different lengths; 2’, 3’ and 4’. They’re cheap (about $1.50/foot) and you’ll find lots of ways to play with the different lengths. Some women can’t take more than 2 feet. Some can. A four foot chain makes an interesting toy for two women to share.

Be playful. Lick her clit as you’re inserting the chain. Rub her g-spot as the link goes in. Stop every now and then and insert your finger alongside the chain. Interesting isn’t it? Tight too! Rub her g-spot again. And again. Lick, rub, insert… find your own rhythm.

She will want to cum.

Don’t let her. Tell her to wait. It gets better.

Much better.

When you’ve got all the chain that feels comfortable to you both folded and molded inside her begin to bring her closer to the peak. Don’t rush it. Take your time. Enjoy it. She will. Let her fall back from the edge…. And help her climb up again.

Let her squeeze down against the chain.

Lick her and play with her g-spot until you believe that she cannot stand it any more.

PULL THE CHAIN OUT. Do it in one continuous and rapid motion. Be prepared for her to squirt. (Towel under her is important.)

Lay the chain on her tummy where she can feel the weight against her uterus. (Isn’t it astonishing how hot it is?!)

Move immediately to where you can hold her. Hold her through the shaking after quakes. (Don’t worry if she won’t talk for a while; some women faint.) Keep cuddling her for about 10 minutes. If you touch her clit she may explode. Wait.

She may insist on sleeping with the chain under her pillow. It’s only natural. She may fall in love with it. Lucky you.

Suggested variations:

Two Willing Women. Prepare each separately. Then place them in the serving position buttocks about 12” apart. Insert opposite ends of longer chain into each Woman. (Be playful but be careful of butting heads if there are two chefs each preparing a woman.) Pull the chain from each one at the same time. You can do a similar variation with the two Women spooned together or kneeling.

Magic Number. Think of a number. Tell her to start counting. Keep stimulating her but insist that she may not cum until you allow it. Remind her to keep counting. When she reaches the number pull her chain. If you play well with others it’s interesting to have someone else count for her; she may end up begging them to hurry. That can be fun.

Hurry up and Fuck ME!: Don’t cuddle her afterwards. Fuck her.

Cautions: Chrome plated chain. NOT GALVANIZED. New; not old. Run your fingers over each link and look for welds that are not smooth. Reject any length with flaws.

Rinse off the residue of the manufacturers oil with dish soap. Sterilize with alcohol but rinse it off before it comes into contact with her delicate membranes. <- add-ons-> <1> Chrome plated chain may be difficult to find, as zinc plating is much more common. Whereas zinc is used to galvanize a chain, those are actually dipped, and are much rougher. The plated ones in zinc should be fine, I think.

An emory cloth or fine sandpaper should smooth out small imperfections.

Vegetable oil will keep the links from rusting, which they will. Friction rubs off the plating where the links touch each other.

Hardware stores often have short lengths of chain for sale at lower prices, as these are too short for "normal" usage - they are leftovers.

There are also some chains available with plastic coated links. <2> It is also a good idea to get the chain warm. A good product is those new thermal pain reliever. They stay warm a good 8-12 hours but not that hot. You can also put a layer between the chain and heat packet. NOTE: be very careful with them, they can get hot. Also, metal conducts heat faster.

You can also dip the chain in liquid latex. Things to be concerned about if you do. 1. Latex chips off, so you always have to inspect it, 2. make sure your partner doesnt have a latex allergy and 3. make sure you don't have a latex allergy.

I believe it is important to inspect the chain. There are many different size and now, colors to choose from. (Dom Depot)

It also is a good idea to have the person you are doing this with either clean of all hair or very trimmed down. The smaller links can get caught by pulling it so fast.

What I enjoyed the most was the fact that places could be touched that are often missed in fisting or other items. It can be close to the feeling of being fisted and makes a great alternative for those who hands too large for fisting or for the woman who needs to advance to that stage.

Chains have also been used for anal pleasure. I can not emphasize enough how making sure the links are smooth if attempting this. You can also drop the chain into a condom (be sure you have the condom ends outside the anal opening LOL Don't need to be losing anything ::laughs::

There are many ways to use them...pull quickly but not all the way out, and then slide back in. You can have your partner wear them for a trip to the mall. Bet she won't want to shop too much.

On a final note, (I know you are all saying ABOUT TIME) chains can be placed in a dishwasher. After the cycle is done, wipe them totally dry, put baby oil or other protectant that doesn't effect the person who is having them inserted and place each chain in a ziplock type baggie. It keeps them safe and clean. <3> Taking notes

1. buy 10 feet of chain

2. make sure chain is smooth

3. Lube...need heaps of lube

4. Rope for hands and feet

5. Blindfold

6. Pack a lunch

7. Make sure TV is tuned to Sportcenter

8. Lube...can never have too much lube

9. Camera

10. towel....or should that be plastic sheeting....6 mil thick

<4> (Testimonial) - I have to report earlier this week I was in the Marine Supplies Dept of our local surplus store - No Stainless steel or chrome plated chain - so I bought 2 meters of Galvanised Chain - links about 3/4 inch long each approx 3/16 thick welded usually used for anchor chains on small boats.

Cut off a piece just over 2 foot long. Lubed up my SO and proceeded to fill her whilst videoing the event. She got about 19 inches inside and gushed from start to finish. To conclude she rolled onto her stomach up onto all fours then knelt upright and let the chain trickle out powered by gravity - a couple of times she had to shake her hips to make it move.

It was so good for her that she cums every time she sees the video.

<5> An observation on types of chain. I went to a store that specialises in Marine supplies - a lot of the stock is government surplus - and sells more to the owners of working fishing boats etc., rather than the "Yachting types". I noticed that a lot of the plated chain, chrome and galvanised had tiny imperfections with small flakes of plating threatening to peel off and also might cut - OUCH!!!. Although the hot dipped galvanised chain appeared to be rougher it did not have any of these imperfections, and with adequate lube has not caused any problems - and we have used it twice.

To preserve the chain between use we have rubbed it with Olive Oil - Extra Virgin smile.gif of course!!!

<6> I have been doing some research. To avoid problems with flaking plating that jon mentioned (which I would not want to leave inside a sub) I would suggest stainless steel chain.

It's rather hard to find in short lengths, but here's a link.

http://www.bosunsupplies.com/product...?product=S0602 <7> I need to warn you about is that even though vegetable oil is relatively safe, the national Cancer Society [i kid you not] recommends olive oil for sensual use inside the body. It's safer. There is less of a chance to developing allergic or infectious reactions over a period of time.

However, I don't the American Cancer Society had this in mind when they proposed the use of olive oil as a lube. <8> The fear of causing any problems during the removal phase is why we opted for letting Newton (gravity) do the work.

On a historic note may I tell you that Olive Oil has a long and proven history in sex, with documented use as both a lubricant and as a contraceptive as far back as the the Roman Empire in the 1st c B.C.

Piece of useless information for those who revel in collecting such useless items, my brain seems to be incapable of deleting them. In the early 20th c Marie Stopes conducted experiments on its efficacy as a contraceptive and found it had a relatively high success rate. For the technically minded it is not a spermacide, but the sperm cannot "swim" in the thick oil.

<<<--- I'll add a reply to this post to add more info that you may want to read before ever trying this. --->>>

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SERIOUS WARNINGS FIRST: I don't know much about different metals or their effects on the more sensitive tissues of the body but I do know that some are really harmful and I can only imagine the problems they could cause.

For example I don't know what the effects of galvanized chain would be but I do know that when welding it you must wear the proper mask otherwise the fumes are extremely hazardous. There is no way I would use galvanized chain for this even if reasearch seemed to indicate it was ok.

Like I said I don't know much about this but I would recomend people do some reasearch before sticking different metals and treated metals in very sensitive areas.

Stainless would probably be the safest but there is also going to be a difference in quality and makeup between say surgical and marine stainless.

I would also assume chrome would probably be ok but I would reasearch it more before using it myself.

Most metals are alloys as well and could contain lead, aluminum, and other unsafe metals.

Just some thoughts. (A) http://www.ductmate.com/files/msds/m...galvanized.pdf


MATERIAL: CAS % WEIGHT PEL (mg/m3) TLV (mg/m3)

Zinc 7440-66-6 1.00-4.50 15 (oxide dust) 15 (oxide dust)

Aluminum 7429-90-5 .01-.08 15 (dust) 10 (dust)

Antimony 7440-36-0 <.00 -.02 0.5 0.5

Iron 7439-89-6 94.00 – 99.66 10 (oxide fume) 5 (oxide fume)

Carbon 7440-44-0 .001-.15 15 10

Chromium* 7440-47-3 0.01-.2 0.5 0.06

Manganese 7439-96-5 0.05-2.0 5 (dust) 5 (dust)

5 (fume) 1 (fume)

Phosphorous 8049-19-2 .001-.020 15 10

Molybdenum 7439-98-7 0.00-.010 15 10

Nickel 7440-02-0 0.01-.30 1 1

Silicon 7440-21-3 .015-.220 15 10

Sulfur 7704-34-9 .001-.020 15 10

This product contains the following ingredient at levels subject to reporting requirements of:

SARA 313 (40CFR372): Manganese, Chromium Nickel

OSHA HAZARADOUS COMMUNICATIONS STANDARD, (29CFR1910.1200): Manganese, Chromium, Nickel, Silicon, Aluminum

metallic powder

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65: This product contains the following trace amounts of chemicals known to the state of California to be a

cancer hazard: Nickel

Now it doesn't clearly state the effects of vaginal exposure but that's a judjment call on the individuals part.

(B) For one thing your hands and skin have a good deal of resistance that sensitive tissues wont.

For another restrictions on these things are pretty loose and some materials should probably have stricter guidelines.

I am not telling anyone what to do just sugesting reasearch before doing something that could cause health problems.

I know that aluminum has been linked to major health problems and yet you still see aluminum used in cookware and kitchenware. I try to avoind it whenever possible.

The fact that it says nickel can cause cancer right on the MSDS and the fact that all those materials are listed as hazardous is enough for me.

There may very well be warnings out there about galvanized metal but it doesn't mean they need to make it easilly acessible.

I am supirsed there is even any argument but maybe it's because I work with metal and have a mother who specializes in green building, chemical sensitiviy, hazardous materials, and knowing just how lax the rules and regulations are on these materials.

http://www.cdc.gov/MMWR/preview/mmwrhtml/00000082.htm © 5 cent piece/Nickel Toxicology - I deffinately wouldn't recomend sticking them any where other than a coin slotsmile.gif



Carcinogen. Toxic by all routes of entry. May cause sensitization by skin contact. (D) For those having trouble finding the proper chain, http://www.mcmaster.com/ has a wide selection of chain and just about everything else workshop based. Followed the chain store link up there, and ooooo that beaded chain looks nice wink.gif !

I've really had a good time with my new links. Chrome, non tangling, fairly large links. Not that expensive at the time (wanted to be sure I'd like it before I looked around). OMG when it comes out hot, it's incredible. I've thought about the metals and the heat, but all and all it's not used that long or that often. Loads of fun when it is though biggrin.gif (E) I've never experienced this with a chain, but I have this to relate, which is similar: "way back" in college, I came into possession of many strands of plastic beads, which could be strung together. (Someone was having a "Mardi Gras" party.)

Eventually (not sure what prompted this) I tried to see how many I could fit inside me...the full feeling was wonderful! Walking around that way was difficult, but it was amazing, feeling the 2-inch "tail" hanging between my legs. I loved the feeling of the squishing around. I think the advantage here over chain is that I would worry about the chain falling out. On the other hand, I think the heavier metal would feel incredible; good points on both sides. It was incredible, pulling them out and seeing just how many feet of beads had been inside me! Once I even went to a choir concert (I was IN the choir) like this...needless to say it was a bit harder than usual to concentrate on the music! (F) A few months ago I met someone and the topic of "what are a few things you haven't tried, but would like to" came up one night. I thought of a few things, and then suddenly remembered this thread. I showed it to him, his immediate response was "you'd like to try this?" and I said yes nearly instantly. Couple of weeks ago he texted me on his way home from work telling me he'd stopped and picked up a pressie for me and was really quite excited to present me with it. Ok, skipping to the point here.. it was a 7' length of chain. Closed, smooth links... 2" x nearly 1" ovals... heavy (actually.. I think it's the same as what Homburg posted above.. *pantpantpantgaspsightremblepantshiver*).

First time was more of an experiment for us. While I didn't have an OMFG mind-blowing orgasm, the experience was enough for both of us to know that we'd like to explore more. He cut the chain in two parts and sent me home with half for me to play around with.

Last night was probably the best so far. He's taken to chilling my chain in his fridge (I actually think that it's taken up permanent residence there), and after working a good portion of it deep into me he connected me up to my TENS unit (set on EMS mode)... one pad over my clit, one on the chain. The final act was for him to insert his cock into me, pushing the chain upwards against the front wall and slowly fucking me until I came. Was quite the sensation... sound of the chain being ground against itself deep inside, soft slurping/sucking sounds as he pushed his way into me, the gentle clink of the free tail end of the chain when he placed it over my hip... *sigh* (G) Safe is relative. Nothing is truly safe, but you decide where to set the bar insofar as "sane" is concerned. When you are talking about introducing metal into the human body, you are going to be taking your chances. That said, If you are careful, and follow the instructions, and REALLY prep your chain well, you should be okay. If you run your hand over the links when they are dry, they should be smooth to the touch and there should be no breaks in the links.

Go carefully, experiment slowly.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the best chain is "Marine Quality Stainless Steel" recomended size varies between 3/4 inch down to 3/16 inch.

I would advise elevating your pelvis so that the entry canal - your vagina is as near vertical as possible - so gravity does the most to help insertion.

Really this should be called "THE CHAIN AND GRAVITY TRICK"

So a heap of cushions under your butt so your body is bent at the waist - don't cramp or compress your abdomen. Even better might be one of those angled benches used for weight lifting.

The trick is to use plenty of lube. Take your time, gentle use of the fingers to ease the flow of the chain when it clogs passing through the ring of muscle - I'd advise using a large vibrator immediately before starting to insert the chain.

Now for some refinments - according to my sub S/O this is the most orgasmic thing she has ever known. She could foresake anything else to do with sex but not being chained. It is the movement of the chain that causes orgasms - unfortunately the chain has a tendency to fal out when you move. So our refinement has been for her to don a pair of very tight bikini briefs I think they are made of Lycra or some other stretch material and they prevent the chain escaping. She then moves around, experiencing non-stop orgasms as the chain slithers around inside her.

A deal about removal - don't worry! All you have to do is stand up open legged, remove the briefs, holding your pussy if you want to savor the moment of release. Take your hand away wiggle your hips and the chain will flow out of you in a shower of cum.

I guarranty you will squirt like a fountain!smile.gif

<2> I have used fine chain before, years ago, there are problems with insertion ( unless you own your own speculum (Duck Bill) (another wonderful toy hehehe,,)

Why I never heard or thought of heavier links I'll never know ..DOH !

but the heavier links ar so much more intensive,,, I will never go back to playing with Thai love balls again lol! <3> I tried it, it works. The woman i tried it with didnt scream, didnt squirt, and was able to move afterwards just fine. I dont think i did anything wrong, because she said it was one of the most intense orgasms of her life. I think different women will respond differently to it. thats all <4> My wife and I have tried this with great results. With plenty of lube and the wife really excited, she managed to take 2feet of chain completly inside her. She closed her legs and rubbed her clit. Rolling over onto her stomach still playing with her clit she could'nt stay still, she kept cumming and cumming. The towel was soaked. With the chain still inside, I went down on her and assulted her clit. OH MY GOD ! I had to chase her around the bed, her orgasms were so strong she nearly fell off the bed. The entire bed was just soaked, and she still kept cumming. Finally I had her get up on her hands and knees and the chain fell out due to gravity. A the chain was comming out she had another hugh orgasam. She said the those were the most intense orgasams she's ever had . She also wants to do it again. <5> So far I've been able to find zinc- and nickel-plated chain in a variety of sizes, but no stainless. Both have occasional sharpish spots that could cause discomfort, if not damage, and, given that both are plated, I'd not be comfortable filing these down. There's too much chance of causing flaking and corrosion at those points.

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There is a photo in the link provided in post #5. I posted the pic without thinking about the sexual content and it was rightfully deleted. You can go there and see the whole conversation and the pic. SORRY GINGER!

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OOOOhhhhh!!! Fun!!! I've heard of doing this with a string of pearls, but never tried it yet. Think this is one recipe I'll print off....if I can just get him to follow ALL of your instructions..... ;) Guess a trip to the hardware store is in order.

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I actually kidnapped this from a forum in Literotica. There is a lot of info still there and many varied opinions and tips tohelp you along the way. I may have jacked about 20% max so it's well worth the time to check it out yourself. And please read through the metal warnings on post #2 and BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!! - http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php...0831&page=3 - The pic is shown in post #20.

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I would DEFINITELY try this....pm me the link for the picture, I am sad I missed it!

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