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Smooth Moves Penis Sleeve

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I give this toy a 50/50 good and bad rating.

Let's begin with the good. It is a really clever idea - a penis sleeve that has pleasure pearls to stimulate your partner during sex. The sleeve itself is stretchy and jelly-ish. It is snug, in a good way, and adds a little pressure to make sex last longer. It is easy to get on (as long as you are hard and have some lube handy). The pleasure pearls which protrude on the sides of the sleeve seemed to be large and would definitely be noticed. It is large enough for an average to above average cock size (as it fit me just fine) and has room to stretch.

Now for the bad. Mikayla and I tried this and there was some disention in the ranks when it came to whether this was a good or bad product. First, while Mikayla said it felt 'different' when I penetrated her with the sleeve on, she soon said it felt too rough. Even with added lube, it was irritating her more than pleasing her. Second, the sleeve sort of take the sensation away from the experience. I couldn't really 'feel' Mikayla - and that was a big downer. Thirdly, when it came time to take the sleeve off (half-way through sex) it didn't roll down as well as I had hoped and the pleasure pearls starting shooting out like I was in a war! It kind of freaked me out (cause I thought they were locked IN the toy) and when they started shooting all over the room I was a bit angry that I had to pick them all up! Definitely NOT a 'smooth move.'

So, good idea but not as good as we had hoped. It was more pain than pleasure, took the sensations away and made a big mess when I tried to remove it. I am not sure if we will try this toy again - I suppose that depends on whether I can find all the pearls!

Mikayla's Man's Rating: 2 Penises up (out of 5 Raging Hardons)


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Haha! This review made me laugh out loud when I got to the part about the pearls shooting out all over the place. Nice. :P

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I was looking at that and was wondering if it would feel weird but I have to say that the visual of seeing the pearls shooting all over the room made me LMAO!!!

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