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"Lick it, Rub it, Kiss it, Hug it" - this is what the box that contains 4 delectable lubes says - and it couldn't be more accurate. Hugs and Kisses flavored lubes are not only functionable but tasty to boot. The 4 flavors are: Vanilla Cinnamon, Chocolate Cherry, Vanilla Strawberry Caramel and White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. Mmm Mmm Goooood!

These lubes are non-staining (clear), barely scented, non-sticky and fun to use. Close your eyes and pick a flavor out of the cute box - or pick one that you think you might like. We began with Chocolate Cherry (what girl doesn't like Chocolate Cherries) and then moved on to White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle - they were both great. The taste is accurate - but not dead on. They are not super sweet, but sweet enough.

I used the CC flavor when giving my hubby a slow blow. The extra lubricant was a good edition and the taste was a definite plus. If you have any issues with oral sex due to 'taste' then these will definitely help. When it was my hubby's turn, we switched to WCRT and he was pleased with the taste. He used it on my nipples for some sweet suckling and then a small amount on the vaginal area - this does have a sugar source in it, so do not pour it onto your vagina - use sparingly. My hubby loved licking me with the extra taste - and it did not leave a sticky residue so we could move on to sex without wash up time.

While this lube is for fun and not for 'sexual use' - meaning, it would not last long for sex, it is great for oral loving and body licking. Everyone needs a little oral enticement every once in a while, and this lube is definitely kissably delicious!

Mikayla's Rating: 4 out of 5 Screaming Os

XOXO Your Lover

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I'm always curious how sticky some of the flavored lubes get. Sometimes its like rolling in a vat of honey! Good review.

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