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I opened the Chocolate Marshmallow Body Butter when it arrived. Creamy and chocolatey, it looks and smells like chocolate pudding! I dipped my finger and licked it clean, feeling naughty for stealing a taste and not waiting for playtime. It was only okay tasting and left a filmy feeling throughout my mouth, as though I’d sucked a spoonful of table butter (or at least how I'd imagine that feeling!).

Not to be deterred, thinking it COULD be different if licked off hubby, last night I grabbed the jar and rolled him onto his back. My face lit up as I realized a silly fantasy of mine was coming true: I was playing in my pudding! Even better, I was painting on my man with food!

I slathered a finger-scoop of Body Butter along my husband’s shaft. Feeling like I was making my own Fudgesicle, I couldn’t wait to engulf him with my mouth. I did wait, though; I was having SO much fun painting his penis and decorating his nipples. There... I was done. I dressed the boy up... now it was time to take him!

One long slow lick was all I could stomach. I’d used a goodly amount, so there was more than enough to get a full taste. It was still only okay in taste, but the filmy residue in my mouth was thick and nasty. The look on my face made him crack-up. He readily agreed to wash it off.

As a reward for being nice, I gave him a gentle, warm-cloth sponge bath. Then I grabbed my favorite oral lube (ID Tangerine) and went down on him again, wanting to finish what I’d started. Yet again, we found ourselves laughing. His sponge bath was soapless. I could still taste a hint of chocolate under the new lube. I’d turned my husband into a Chocolate Orange! YUM! The slight, underlying chocolate taste was pleasant and the lack of actual Butter meant no yucky mouth-film, so the remainder of playtime was tasty.

Areas where the Body Butter was were still tacky. Clean-up definitely requires soap to remove it all.

We won’t be using this again. It’s cute and fun, but if I don’t like the taste or consistency of a food, I won’t keep it regularly in my diet!

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You sound like you had fun at lest, but the texture of the body butter sound gross. Thanks for you review.

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At least you had fun trying!

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