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Premature Ejaculation Delay Tips


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I am having this problem with my husband and it's driving me crazy. Has anyone ever got over this? What did you do? How did you learn to control yourself? If you cum too quick the first time how long should you wait before trying for a second erection? Also are there any other women out there dealing with this, how do you feel? Let me know your stories, experiences or advice on this subject because at the moment I feel so alone. :(

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Uh....I don't think I can think of one, single thing to add to this! Howard has covered the bases pretty damn well!

He is right, you don't have to rush, you can do it more than once, this situatiuon CAN change, and will change if you both work at it. what is more fun to work at than sex???

Early in a relationship that I had when I was around 23 my man had the PE difficulty. He said I turned him on so much that he would cum too quickly. I simply explained to him that we could go more than once. He would do foreplay on me, I would give him a bj until he came, and then I would suck him until he got hard again, and then we would continue with the intercourse. It worked well for me. I always got at least a few orgasms, he got lots of head, and WE HAD FUN!

Take this advice to heart....don't put stress on an already stressful situation!

Mikayla ;)

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