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What is the proper procedure for getting ready for anal sex? Do you have to have an enema or douche the colon each time before anal sex? Does anyone ever worry about odor of feces? And what is your favorite toy and lube? I would appreciate your help.

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Ahhh, an anal sex "newbie"

I have actually answered this question before on the forum, but since I love talking anal sex, I will do it once again:

First, you do not have to do an enema to have anal sex. However, if you are concerned about fecal residue you may want to consider it. I will do an enema if I am going to have a particularly invasive night with my hb (i.e. we are going out of town on a sex excursion) or I might just eat rather light for few days leading up to it. This usually ensures a fairly good night for me! :D

Now, I always suggest that before sex (any sex) both partners clean up with soap and water, baby wipes, something just to be "fresh" and clean. If you are having anal sex, just kind of take a wet wipe and make sure your anal opening is clean, and perhaps put it around your finger and get in the anal opening a bit. This is about as clean as you can get without an enema. What you are wanting to cleanse is the area between the two anal openings to get the main residue.

Now, as far as worrying about odor or fecal matter - if you are going to play with matches, expect the fire to be hot! when you are sticking something - cock, toys, finger - up your anal canal, which is meant to pass feces, you are going to have fecal residue most of the time. Where there is residue, there is odor. Sorry, just is. That is why if I am going to prepare for anal sex, I do the enema, the butt plug, the whole nine yards. However, it is NOT adviseable - I repeat NOT adviseable to do enemas too frequently, so if you are having anal sex on a regular basis it is not feasible to do one all the time.

For my favorite lube and toy - I have a few. My favorite lubes are astroglide and K-Y - I think they are both good. Astroglide is more the "anal lube" but K-Y will work too.

For toys I have 3 categories - beads, vibes and plugs. I just got from a friend these cool "swirl anal beads" TooTimid actually sells them. They have vibrating ones too that I am dying to try. Anyway, I have the non-vibrating ones. They are pink and are swirly. They are more solid so when you put them in they don't bend or move around. Therefore, easier insertion. They feel divine inside...AND when my hb twists them, I can actually feel the swirls! I reccomend beads of any kind, but these are GREAT!

Then, you must have a plug of some kind. There are vibrating ones, basic ones, small ones. These will help "prepare" your anal canal for the night. Get one all lubed up and stick it up there and let it stretch you out. This will do it for you.

Now, vibrators are the BOMB! I have one that is purple, made by Doc Johnson, TOOTImid also has it, it looks like anal beads, but they are all attached. It vibrates. These feel soooo nice inside. You can use them vaginally too, but they are a bit small for that. However, in the words of "Goldilocks" they are "just right", for the ass hole!

You didn't ask specifically how to go about anal sex, so I won't go through that with you, but I will jsut remind you that anal sex takes patience and a LOT OF LUBE! Lube, lube, lube.

The major rule of anal play is - If it hurts, you are doing it WRONG!

If there are any more questions, please ask!

Mikayla B)

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i love anal sex. the main thing you have to remember is to breathe. if you clench up in anticipation, it'll hurt more.

but then again, i love that initial penetration into my ass and then having my partner pull his dick all the way out and then plunge into my ass again and again and again.

my pussy makes enough juices to lube up 20 dicks to fuck my ass. but my lube of choice would be astro-glide.

when i first had anal sex, my partner lubed up his cock, and my anus then slowly inserted his dick into my ass. he held it in there til i relaxed a bit, then he began his slow thrusts. eventually i began to love that pain from getting fucked in the ass.

relax and enjoy every anal moment. 'cause your ass is way more sensitive than your pussy.

and i cum more when i get fucked in my ass than my pussy.

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i love anal sex. the main thing you have to remember is to breathe. if you clench up in anticipation, it'll hurt more.

eventually i began to love that pain from getting fucked in the ass.

I am a bit concerned about this post because this indicates to people that it is OK if anal sex "hurts" and it is NOT! Anal sex should never HURT! If it is painful you are doing it WRONG! Either you are going too fast or there is not enough lube. The sensation for first time anal players is a bit of tightness, fullness and overall "uncomfortableness" while the anal opening stretches. After that point it should be nothing but enjoyable! IF there is pain - any level of pain - there is a problem! The anal tissue is very sensitive and it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that great care be taken with anal sex, especially the first time. You have to go at a pace that the person receiving the cock can dictate because only that person can say whether it hurts or not!

I can not express enough times that while having anal sex, lube up both the anal opening and cock, push it in slowly...S L O W L Y...then once it is all the way in....breathe...then take it out...S L O W L Y...once you can go in and out without DISCOMFORT you can go faster.

The previous poster was right about the breathing and the relaxation, but I would have to firmly disagree about having any kind of pain involved in anal sex. Pain is an indication of a problem, and there should not be in anal sex!

;) Mikayla

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