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Erotica--part Two


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All fictional and all in good fun I hope!! This one is LONG!!!!


As one of the lead detectives in the department I was more than welcome at the crime scene, but too late to really do more than get a briefing from one of the other officers. The bank robbery was pure amateur—the perps didn’t even use masks and it was during the lunch rush so there were multiple witnesses, some of whom had managed to get the plates on the getaway car. I immediately noticed one of the witnesses, an extremely hot blonde in perfectly tailored slacks, fashionable heels (gotta love those heels!), and a conservative blouse, although darted and tailored enough to slightly accentuate her very large and very supple looking breasts. She appeared a little nervous and was standing off by herself, so I took the opportunity to saunter over.

“Hi, I’m Detective Jackson, are you all right?” By this time I was right up next to her and could tell she was on the verge of tears.

“I think so, I’m just shaken up a little,” she stammered with uncertainty.

“Were you in there when it happened?”

“Yes, I’ve never been in a situation like that before.” She then looked up at me. “I thought for a while there that I was actually going to die!”

When she got that out, tears began welling up in her eyes and I just knew the poor girl, along with all the bank customers and employees, had gotten quite a shock. Without even thinking I instinctively patted her back a little, trying to comfort her without violating her space too much. As I struggled for words that didn’t sound like dumb overused cliches, she moved in close to me.

“Is it okay if you hold me for a second? I can’t stop shaking,” she whispered. I nodded. Then, catching herself and eyeing my waistband she asked, “That thing won’t go off will it?”

Hell yeah it will go off, I thought, and it will shoot a nice load of hot silky cum all over those beautiful, swollen tits of yours. Wait--I couldn’t believe I had just thought that! This poor woman had just had her life threatened and needed consoling and here I was thinking like a complete douschebag. Of course I meant it as a compliment because she was about the hottest piece of sweet pussy I had seen in I don’t know how long—but still, I was on the job. I’m supposed to be professional. After silently reprimanding myself I put my hand on my H&K USP .45 auto, which is what she had REALLY been referring to and patted it.

“Not at all—it’s got about 4 safeties and they’re all activated.”

She closed the small gap between us and I wrapped my arms around her. Damn she felt good, but I stayed focused on the matter at hand because even though it was sunny and 85, this poor girl was quivering like a leaf. She’d really had a jolt. Before I got too comfortable she quickly seemed to stiffen and collect herself, and then pulled away.

“Assholes!” she muttered. Now she was pissed and I could tell that she had some sassiness in her.

“I hope you catch those miserable ball-less cock swallowers!”

Damn! I liked this chick!!!

“Well we got a read on their plates and they’re carrying a couple grand in cash in a bag with a dye stick and smoke device. It shouldn’t take too long.”

She stood there for a second, gathered herself, and seemed like she was just about back to normal.

“Do you feel like you need to visit with one of the counselors about your experience?” I offered to her.

“Me? Oh hell no. I’m okay—a man’s arms usually do the trick for me.”

At that point I realized all those lonely nights of doing 200 push-ups before bed had just paid off.

“I could use a drink though. Can you join me?” she asked, looking at me with those gorgeous eyes.

“If you mean this evening I can, I’ve got to get to work right now,” I answered, silently pleading that she could wait until this evening.

“Yeah, of course that’s what I meant, I’ve got to go back to the office too. Can you do it at 6?”

Darlin’ I will do you, it, and whatever the hell else you can think of at 6!

“Sure that’d be great!”

We decided on the location and as she started to walk off, it hit me. Her name!

“I’m Greg, by the way. Greg Jackson.”

“I’m Mikayla,” she said sweetly. “See you tonight Greg.”

I knew a Mikayla once, I thought to myself. She was very hot and very slutty. I wondered if this one would be similar. I waved goodbye to her, walked back to my car, and headed back to the station.

When I got to the bar that evening I was surprised to find Mikayla in a different outfit. The slacks and blouse were gone, replaced by a black minidress with black, strapped, high heels. Gotta love those heels, but this chick looks high maintenance. Could be trouble, I thought as I slipped into the booth across from her. The french manicure and perfect, silky long hair confirmed that this chick was very particular and took good care of herself. She almost seemed intimidating, but I felt that I had seen her with her guard down this afternoon and decided that I liked her and felt very comfortable with her.

That comfort only grew as we rehashed the day’s events. The bozo bank robbers had indeed been picked up about 3 hours after the robbery, covered with blue dye (like the two morons in the movie Raising Arizona) and fighting with each other outside a laundromat. We moved on to other topics and found out that we were both originally from the same part of the city and actually had some mutual acquaintances. She worked for a local marketing firm, had never been married and was pretty successful at what she did. She’d been dumped about 6 months ago by a guy who went back to his old girlfriend, and since then she had become somewhat of a workaholic. Oh and she was taking night classes too. I told her about my divorce (a casualty of my job and my ex-wife’s penchant for rich businessmen—no kids luckily), and some of the more interesting cases I had been involved with as a police detective. She was smart and funny and very sweet, easily bringing me out of the armored emotional shell us cops sometimes have built up around us in order to deal with all the scumbags on the street. The penny ante dope pushers are one thing, but the rapists, child molesters, murderers and those who prey on the old and the weak can really take a toll on you, especially after 14 years. That and the fact that the justice system seems to slap many of them on the wrist when they deserve to be beaten to death with a claw hammer usually means you are generally pissed off and irritable.

So to my surprise, for the first time in a very long time, I didn’t want a night to end. This night in particular. I knew I was caught up in the moment, but it was so easy with Mikayla. And she seemed to be having a good time too. Unfortunately, due to the emotional scars from my divorce, I was having the hardest time getting the balls up to ask her over to my place. It had been ages since I’d been with a woman—I’d pretty much buried myself in my work after the divorce 5 years ago. Mikayla actually solved that problem by looking at her watch, mentioning the time, and then asking me if I would like to come over to HER place for some more drinks. I thought about THAT for about a millisecond before nodding silently and then we headed out. I followed her to her house, which was decorated impeccably, and she poured some champagne. We toasted to surviving the day’s events, and then she gave me a tour, pointing out pictures of her loved ones and friends (there were A LOT!—including an incredible pic of her in a too-small white bikini on a big boat) as we roamed the house and finished up in her comfortable bedroom.

To say I was intimidated now would be the understatement of the century. She leaned up against one of the four ceiling-high bedposts and got quiet as I leaned back against her armoire.

“You have an incredible place here Mikayla. Thanks for showing it to me.”

She smiled sweetly and then slowly took a few steps toward me.

“Do you know what carpe diem means Greg?”

“Umm, is it french for “taco”?” I said a little sarcastically, my cop attitude poking to the surface slightly. Luckily for me, she laughed and got the joke.

“I just feel a little different after what happened today, like I haven’t been enjoying life enough. Working too hard, you know?”

Boy did I—the last couple of hours had been the absolute happiest of the last 5 years. By far.

“Yes, I do know,” I whispered.

What the fuck was happening, were those tears welling up in my eyes? What the hell was going on with me? This chick is going to think I’m a lunatic! But to my surprise, she had tears in her eyes as well. She moved in and hugged me, lightly first, then tight. She looked up at me again, and smiled one more time. I smiled back. This felt really good and I was dying to kiss her but again my fucked up psyche was holding me back. No problem, because she then leaned in to kiss me. A couple of slow pecks on the mouth quickly turned into a deep french kiss. It was a little chaotic at first as our tongues struggled to find a rhythm, but things got organized very quickly. And then she moaned. Oh sweet sadie that definitely got my juices flowing and before I knew it my cock was at half mast and rising underneath my slacks. Mikayla felt it poke her in the belly and she slowly helped work it upright. We eagerly kissed for another full minute before she pulled away slightly.

“Greg, do you trust me?” she asked very seriously.

Fuck no I don’t trust you--I’m a cop, I trust no one!! My antennae sprang up faster than an 18 year old’s pecker, but my cock controlled the situation now, so I was basically fucked. Which might not prove to be so bad.

“Yes Mikayla, I trust you.”

“I’m in the mood to play, are you?”

“I’m in the mood for whatever you’re in the mood for, I think,” I answered, hesitating just a little.

With that she backed away about 3 feet, looked me right in the eyes, tilted her head a little, and lifted her dress over her head. Holy shit—words cannot describe what I was looking at but I will try. Awesome tits. Big. Nipples as big as silver dollars. Pierced belly button (definitely hot) and a completely bald snatch. Her Barbie doll hair fell around her shoulders as she sat on the bed to take her heels off.

“Leave ‘em on,” I blurted out. “Please,” I said softer.

She smiled again, honored my request, stood up and turned toward the bed, shifted her feet about shoulder width apart and began to bend over, sliding her hands down her legs and staring at me the whole time. She had a tattoo on the small of her back and the bedside lamp hit her skin just right so I could see some peach fuzz there as well. She was angled away from me slightly so I couldn’t see her pussy, but I didn’t need to. It was all I could do to keep from speckling myself in my slacks.

She reached under her bed and pulled up a small case, which reminded me of a tackle box. What the fuck was she going to do, put fish hooks in me? She opened it up—no fishing gear. Instead it beheld several sex toys—a couple of vibrators, dildos, some anal beads, chains with little clips attached and other odds and ends.

“I want to put on a show for you, is that okay?” she asked.

“Of course, I would love that.”

“It’s sort of an interactive show, you have to get naked too,” she giggled.

I smiled and started to take off my shirt.

“Slowly,” she said, as she grabbed a glass dildo and some lube and moved up slowly onto her bed.

For 36 I was still in very good shape. In addition to the push-ups every night, I do 500 crunches as well, so my chest and abs were definitely something to look at. I kicked off my shoes, took off my gun and holster and slipped off my slacks. I hesitated briefly before slipping off my underwear, but I figured if she could get naked in front of a person she had just met, I was ready to answer the challenge. My cock was at full attention, and it wobbled back and forth slightly as I walked the few steps over to her. She seemed to be satisfied because she smiled.

“I see you shaved too. Do you always do that?”, she asked, while she reached under her pillow.

“Actually, I read an article recently and just started doing it. Do you like it?”

“I love it! And I can’t wait to feel it throbbing in my hot, hot pussy.”

Okay, at this point if she had even breathed on my night stick she was going to end up with a face full of hot love cream, so I took a couple of deep breaths. And then I saw the handcuffs. What the ….???

“I need you to sit at the foot of the bed with your arms behind you,” she said, pushing me onto the bed.

I was scared now, but at least it took the edge off my hard-on. Shit, I thought, I may as well. If things got too crazy I could probably jump up high enough to get my arms over the post, but I ran the risk of knocking my head against the ceiling. I could see the story now making the rounds down at the precinct. “Detective Jackson found handcuffed, nude and unconscious with a nightstick up his ass and his weapon missing.” Oh shit Mikayla, please don’t prove my people-judging skills completely wrong!

By the time I got through that thought, she had me handcuffed to the post. Before anymore self-loathing thoughts could enter my mind, she was back on the bed and grabbing the lube.

Oh shit. Okay ass, I thought to myself, get ready to get fucked! I closed my eyes and said a silent prayer. When I opened them again, I breathed a slight sigh of relief, at least temporarily. For Mikayla had adorned herself with a set of silver nipple clips that were connected to a thin chain stretching down to a clip on her clitoris. She was laying back against the pillows at the head of the bed and was slowly starting to touch her gorgeous pussy.

“I thought I’d torture you a bit by making you watch me pleasure myself. Sort of show you how I like to have things done to me. You’ll just have to wait a bit before you get yours!” she giggled and then got down to business.

She seemed to forget about me and focused totally on her own satisfaction. Talk about no inhibitions! As I watched this glorious show she eagerly began fingering herself with one hand, while the other slightly tugged on the master chain connecting her titties and clit. Her moaning started to become louder and my cock throbbed in near agony. So close to this quivering, pre-orgasmic goddess and powerless to do anything about it!

She reached for the glass dildo she had put on the bed and slowly began working that into her well lubed love pie. I could only imagine that it was my cock instead and the frustration level I was feeling was pure torture.

Oh Mikayla, I thought to myself, you are one dirty, slutty bitch…and I love it!!!!

“I’d really like to help you Mikayla,” I pleaded softly, in agony.

But she was oblivious to me at this point, as she plunged the glass dildo further and further into those beautiful lips and hole of hers. She alternated between fast and slow, and then she rotated the dildo so she could feel its beautifully sculpted ribs pulsate against the walls of her pussy. After several minutes of this, she started digging her heels into the bedcover and began lifting her hips off the bed and moaning uncontrollably as the dildo almost became a blur, she was working it so fast. Finally, with one last thrust of her hips, and what seemed to be a painfully hard tug on the chain, she let out a scream as her body began to quake with what had to be a tremendous orgasm. She started rolling back and forth and for a second I was afraid she would fall off the bed.

Slowly, she started to calm down and her breathing started to normalize. My mouth was literally hanging open and I was dumbfounded. Thankful, but dumbfounded. I had never had someone perform for me, it was incredible, and I wanted her BAD!! Luckily, I didn’t have long to wait, as she gathered herself up, took off the nipple/clit clips and slowly crawled over to me. She was still panting slightly as she gave me a deep kiss, literally causing my cock to bubble over with pre-cum.

“You’ve been so good, now let me see if I can help you with that,” she said matter-of-factly, and started kissing her way down my chest. When one of her tits brushed against my cock, I braced myself and began the breathing pattern I use to calm myself when I’m practicing at the pistol range. I wanted to unload on those beautiful breasts at some point, but after the torture I had been through Mikayla needed to reward me by taking my hot load down her throat. As she slowly locked her lips around the tip of my pole, I knew that is exactly what she planned to do.

She knew I wouldn’t last long so she almost immediately began deep throating me and gently raking at my balls with her fingernails. I felt the sensation from my toes to my inner ear and it was incredible.

Let me offer a sidebar here for you ladies about what your man feels when you give him a blowjob. When you’ve got your silky soft lips locked on his love pipe and are swirling your tongue around his shaft, he feels like he is on top of the world, nothing else matters, and he feels perfectly protected, especially if you cup his balls. Also, letting him cum in your mouth and swallowing his load completes the package. If there is love involved between the two of you, he will be eternally grateful. There is just nothing like it—you are making him feel good in the most personal way possible. Okay, enough Dr. Phil.

As Mikayla continued to suck and stroke my meat, she slid off the bed and got down on her knees, pulling me off the bed in the process. I stood with slightly quivering legs, arms still locked behind me to the bedpost, as she continued her selfless act and began to moan. I wanted this to last forever, but my body wouldn’t cooperate, and when she took her tongue and licked me from my balls to the tip of my cock, and then deep throated me again, I started to feel the familiar tingle start in my legs that would soon travel to my balls and cock. As I headed to the edge of the orgasmic abyss, Mikayla sped up her throating, and at the last second, just as I was tightening up to explode, she looked right up at me with those beautiful, gorgeous eyes of hers.

Her look said, “Give it ALL to me…..PLEASE!” and that is exactly what I did. As the internal electric charge shocked my body, out of my cock spurted five years of loneliness and sexual frustration straight into her silky smooth and welcoming mouth and throat. The girl kept her form perfectly, never letting my cock get away as my body spasmed liked a pissed off bull. Goosebumps covered my body and the shuddering started to fade after about a minute, as her moaning told me she had loved every second of it. Finally, after another minute or so I started to go limp, and she pulled me out of her mouth and slowly kissed her way back up to my neck, where she parked her head while she hugged me. Her tits mashed into my sternum and her body next to mine felt unexplainably good.

She slowly reached behind me and unlocked the handcuffs. My arms were stiff as I collapsed on the bed and motioned her over. She took a long drink from her champagne glass, swallowed, took another, got on the bed next to me, leaned over to kiss me and squirted champagne into my mouth as we locked our lips together. If I’d had a ring at that moment I would have proposed right there on the spot.

With our orgasms taking the edge off the sexual tension between us, we began a long makeout session. As I explored her mouth with my tongue, my hands slowly began to enjoy the treat that lay before them. Her skin was buttery smooth as my hands slowly rubbed up and down her back and then drifted down to her gorgeous ass. My strong hands encompassed each cheek and I began massaging them, enjoying how they felt. I left one hand on her ass as I brought the other one up to finally begin to feel her absolutely perfect tits. The wait had been worth it as I squeezed, teased and rolled her nipples gently between my fingers. I paused in our kissing long enough to take one in my mouth and alternated between hard and gentle sucking, and she began to moan again. After kissing her a final time, I moved my head down to begin devoting some serious time to her tits. With both hands I massaged them while I sucked on each nipple and nuzzled my face between them. After a few minutes of hearing her moans get louder, I started to move eagerly down to her snatch. As I mentioned before, she was completely smooth and as she spread her legs to welcome me I began parting her lips with my hands and attacked her clit with my tongue. I licked it, sucked it and blew on it before slathering it and the rest of her gorgeous pussy with my tongue. Her moans grew louder and I was only moderately surprised when she started to talk dirty.

“Oh, lick my pussy! Lick my sweet juicy pussy!” she moaned, motivating me to just get nastier and nastier. I stuck my tongue into her slit as far as I could as I brought her hand down to her clit and she began to massage it. I licked her fingers and clit a bit more before moving back down again to her slit. I didn’t want to neglect her beautiful anal opening so I lubed my finger with her cherry juice (she really did taste like cherries thanks to the flavored lube she had used on the glass dildo) and slowly began working a finger in and out of it while my tongue continued to violate her love hole. After several long minutes of this I could feel her start to quiver. As her body moved to orgasm, with my finger still in her ass, I pulled my tongue out of her soaked pussy, inserted my thumb, brought my free hand back up to her tits, and attacked her clit with my tongue once again. Her moaning turned to a scream and she lifted her hips off the bed again as I hung on for dear life. Her orgasm rocked her body and she actually ejaculated somewhat, shooting a tiny stream of love juice about half a foot in the air, narrowly missing my left ear. She moaned, groaned, bucked and rolled until finally her convulsions grew fainter and fainter, and her pussy and ass released their grips on my fingers. By this point I had the beginnings of another hard-on and as I stretched out next to her she eyed it and smiled.

“Are you ready for a finale?” she panted into my ear. I nodded my encouragement as she gathered herself up once again and dropped her face down into my crotch. Her mouth’s silky soft encouragement caused my milkbone to quickly stand at full attention and before I knew it she was putting her nipple/clit clips back on and straddling me.

“I need you in my pussy….OHHH in my hot tight pussy!” she moaned as she slowly slid down on my cock. I know I sound like a broken record but she felt GREAT!! I was leaned back against a couple of pillows so I had the perfect vantage point to watch this blonde goddess bounce up and down on my prick, slowly, then faster, then slowly again. Every so often she would tug at her nipple/clit chain and moan even louder.

“Oh FUCK that feels good!” she shouted as I started to lose whatever was left of my inhibitions and joined her.

“Oh I LOVE fucking your hot pussy. Oh you’re such a fucking slut! Ride my cock you slutty bitch!” I moaned, surprising myself at my own language. I meant all of that in only a complimentary way mind you!

She definitely understood because she brought my hand up to the chain connecting her tits and clit and said, “Pull this for me, oh please fucking pull this!”

I had a handful of tit in one hand and pulled gently on the chain with the other, not wanting to hurt her too bad, but she kept yelling at me.

“Oh harder!! Fucking fuck me harder!! Slap my pussy with your cock! Pull harder!”

By this time she was bouncing up and down uncontrollably, was gritting her teeth and was red faced. I was hotter than I’d ever felt and just about ready to shoot whatever juice was left in me into her hot pussy.

“Oh Mikayla, I’m gonna cum!! I’m gonna cum in your tight hot pussy!!” I shouted.

I felt her tighten up as her bouncing accelerated even more and I felt her pussy start to grip my cock as her orgasm slowly started to surface.

“Pull fucking HARD!! NOW!!!” she screamed as my orgasm tore into her. I jerked on the chain and she screamed as her pussy clamped on my cock and milked it for all it was worth. We had timed it perfectly and as our orgasms spilled into each other I realized there was no place on earth I’d rather be. We bucked, grunted and moaned for another minute or two before I noticed that I had pulled so hard on her chain that one of the clips had come off her tit. She slowly took the other two off her other nipple and clit and I leaned up and gently licked each nipple with my tongue. As our orgasms subsided, she brushed my cheek with her fingers, and I slowly put one in my mouth and gently sucked it. She giggled slightly, caught her breath, slid off my cock and curled up next to me.

The next thing I knew it was morning, with some rays of sun peeking around her windowshades. We were in the exact same position in which we had fallen asleep, and she slowly stirred as well. We both got up to use the john and then hopped back into bed and began to recount the night’s events with smiles on our faces. I then told her how I had been somewhat intimidated by her clothes, and her house, since she obviously did much better than a city detective. She told me she’d been blessed with opportunity, and that her success did not go to her head.

Then in all seriousness, she rolled up on my chest, looked me in the eye and said, “Greg, as long as a girl has a few nice things and a nice hard cock and a glass dildo to keep her company, what more does she really need?”

I chuckled, hugged her tightly and then she looked at me again.

“Now, I think it’s about time you got to cum all over these pretty tits of mine.”

And with that, she started kissing her way down my chest again. As my body started to respond to her stimulation, my mind only had one coherent thought—man, I’m glad it’s Saturday!

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WOW! I have so many comments! ;)

Let me just say, I am so flattered and OH SO HORNY again! You have been paying excellent attention to my posts, and have nailed many of my sexual nuances to a T.

On a serious note, I am very, very impressed with the writing in general. I have a MA in English, and let me tell you - your style is flawless, grammar is impeccable as well as your overall content! I could really fall in love with stories like this! Of course it doesn't hurt that they are about me - or a version of me!

I really find you a talented writer, you could write erotic stories in a collection and get paid nicely! They have the right mix of sex, storyline, dialogue....in a word...perfect!

One thing that I might not have divulged yet is my weakness for men with intelligence or for any kind of artistic gift (music, art, writing) - and you definitely have such a gift! I find men who have such talents extremely sexy - therefore, well.....

Thanks so much for the ultimate compliment again....I am almost too anxious to see where I am going to end up next, and in whose bed!

Many Kisses,

Mikayla :rolleyes:

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Damn, I'm jealous (as well as horny). Mikayla has become the Aphrodite of Too Timid and I, a lowly handmaiden. (Anyone need a good hand job?)

Kudos on the writing, Quiet Guy. Have you ever dabbled with your writing at literotica.com?? I bet they'd LOVE you there!!

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Damn, I'm jealous (as well as horny). Mikayla has become the Aphrodite of Too Timid and I, a lowly handmaiden. (Anyone need a good hand job?)

Kudos on the writing, Quiet Guy. Have you ever dabbled with your writing at literotica.com?? I bet they'd LOVE you there!!

Hey, I like that "Aphrodite" - the Goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture!

;) Mikayla

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Thank you for the kind comments ladies. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Writing is easy for me, but only if I have the right kind of motivation (your interesting posts here have provided that!). I write these on the fly, when I can grab a few extra minutes, so if you didn't find any errors I am surprised, but happy.

Curvacious, I was actually trying to think of a way to weave you into my next story--I don't mean to leave you out. Why don't you give me a first name you would like me to use (not your real one of course) and I will make sure you are included (although not in a 3-way, I'm not sure the narrator of these stories would survive that!).


I forgot to add that it may be a couple of weeks before my next story--after whipping out those first two I am SPENT!!!!!


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Mmmmm.....a 3-way with CL and Me...and this fantastic narrator....I am wondering about that....Curvacious....what do YOU think about that....could you handle it? I most certainly think I COULD!

I wait with baited breath for the next one....



Edited by Mikayla1
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Thank you for the kind comments ladies. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Writing is easy for me, but only if I have the right kind of motivation (your interesting posts here have provided that!). I write these on the fly, when I can grab a few extra minutes, so if you didn't find any errors I am surprised, but happy.

Curvacious, I was actually trying to think of a way to weave you into my next story--I don't mean to leave you out. Why don't you give me a first name you would like me to use (not your real one of course) and I will make sure you are included (although not in a 3-way, I'm not sure the narrator of these stories would survive that!).


I forgot to add that it may be a couple of weeks before my next story--after whipping out those first two I am SPENT!!!!!


ok...how about the name Whitney? I think you could handle writing a 3-some...it might take a few "time outs" though ;) I'll sure try and contain my impatience until you get writing again!!


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