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Upon seeing this, the first thing I though of was a stylized musical note. I don’t know why, since I can’t read music. However, I am ready to sing its praises. This blue bombshell is made from silicone, and has that initial “ugh” smell. Don’t worry, it wears off with some air and a wash (be careful, this toy is not waterproof!). Even if it doesn’t, you’ll be having too much fun to notice it anyway. The silicone is nice and smooth, and the details are shallow to make for easier cleaning.

It runs on 2 AAA batteries, which is where my only complaint comes in. There is no marking on the battery compartment to show which way they need to go. Plus, the instructions are small and very generic, so it was easier to just figure it out myself (one faces up, the other down. It doesn’t matter which side).

The motor is in the top, but don’t let that deter you. You can feel every vibration all throughout. Even down to the bottom swirl, and I can tell you, that’s nice! It’s quiet, even when you crank it up all the way. The vibes aren’t too strong or weak, but just right. I would say this is a good addition to any collection. Happy shopping!

La la la laaaaa

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Wow!! Thanks for mentioning that it isn't waterproof! Most silicone toys that I've seen ARE waterproof, so this is good to know.

I noticed on the shopping site that this toy is curved for g-spot stimulation. Did it get there for you?

Great review!

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Figured I missed something. Sorry about that!

Yes, it does hit the g-spot on me. It doesn't "hook in" to it, but it does stimulate quite nicely. :)

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