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Fukuoku Twist N’ Shout Dual Action


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The name sounds almost obscene, but, what these toys do, is not! Quality, fun, and power, await you with this new line. Seeing that there are 3 in this line (so far): Twist N’ Shout, Jumpin’ Jack, & Rockin’ Roll, I got the first one. The Twist N’ Shout is phthalates free, its sleeves are made out of 100% surgical grade silicone, and it’s an interesting shape. The shaft is large with “humps” in it, topped with a bulbous head. The clit stimulator is almost like the back of a dragon, with a bullet right inside it.

Plus you have a lot of choices with this toy. Its bonuses include 4 AA INCLUDED batteries (yay!!!), 12 preset vibe patterns, 12 preset spin patterns, waterproof, & it’s programmable! Did you see that? Yes, PROGRAMMABLE! You can program up to 10 minutes of different combos for your pleasure.

The base of this pink pleasurer reminds me a bit of a light saber, especially the screw on cap. There are a total of 5 buttons for controlling all the mentioned power. The big one has 3 different colors to it, during different stages. The 2 below that are the Play/Program buttons to either set & save a particular program of vibes, or, to play the programmed set for you. The 3 below that control the 3 separate vibes, with 12 settings each, counting up/down of each vibe pattern 12 preset settings worth for the Top Vibe, the Middle (which rotates the shaft in circular motions), & the Clit Stimulator. Yes, there ARE paper instructions for this, as well as on the box. The backside of the base has ribs in the handle, to help grip it better.

Insertable length is about 5”, diameter of 1.5” at the widest part (the head), and the clit stimulator is about 3”, with a total length of almost 12”, this toy’s nothing to sniff at!

So, grabbing my water-based lube, I head off to the bedroom. Maybe it’s the “geek” in me, but I LOVE techno-gadgets, including sex toys. Though, I will say that this toy is a lot to handle as far as options go, so this toy would be a better fit for the experienced Toy User. Inserting was easy & smooth, and this toy gave me that full feeling I do so love. Playing with the buttons, it took me a while to find out what I like with this toy, which happens to be a slow vibe in the shaft, with a low rotation, and HIGH on the clit stimulator. Yes, the vibes range from low to HIGH on all counts, which I LOVE. But, for tonight, it was low, slow, and steady! I really just lay back, got the settings how I want, and the flexible based clit stimulator positioned juuuuuuuust right, and let the rotating humped shaft do its massage magic in my pussy. Being relaxed AND stimulated, can’t get much better than that! Oh, wait, yes you can, lest I forget the comfortable rolling orgasm that this toy helped bring out in me….oh yes, this toy gets 4 satisfyingly lazy Tyger Paws in the air, and a back roll (out of 4 Tyger Paws)!

Shake It Up Baby Now

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  • Review Team

Wooow, almost sounds like you need an engineering degree :)

Nice review, I'll have to put that on my list!

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