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This was definitely one of those “you never know what someone might like” type of experiences. Maybe there are folks out there with a tongue fetish that could get very excited by the prospect of a rubbery wriggly vibrating GIANT tongue in their nethers, but I have to say, sadly, that I’m not one of them.

The Tantric Tongue was easy to get started with, the battery compartment opened easily, and is waterproof, and had a very handy cartridge to contain the 3 AA batteries it needs to work.

The control itself is conveniently placed, and the handle is firm but grippy enough not to be flung across the room accidentally in the throes of passion.

The vibration ranges from a teasing tickle (accompanied by a little wiggle from the tongue itself) to a moderate buzz (with a faster, almost comical wiggling action from the tongue portion).

The tongue itself is very firm – firmer than any human tongue could ever be – and wiggles in sort of a gyrating fashion. It is made of a wonderful material, which is pliable and almost lifelike. It moves due to a mechanism inside which runs up through most of the jelly-like material, but not all the way to the tip.

I set to my testing work and quickly learned that this just would not be the ‘one’ for me. Although the vibrations were adequate, there is no actual ‘licking’ action to the unit, more of a wriggling which was actually quite odd. The tongue itself seemed too wide to be of use for insertion, but I tried anyway with my favorite TT lube. It just didn’t work out. Even just trying this out on my clitoris proved futile as the vibration itself seemed concentrated near the handle.

I was somewhat torn about what this could personally do for my sex life. I have not had much experience with oral sex for myself, so I thought maybe this could be an acceptable substitute for the real thing.

No such deal. This did absolutely nothing for me. I really liked the feel of everything and had really high hopes.

Cleanup was a breeze, but unfortunately the only thing I think I’ll be cleaning off of this from now on, will be dust.

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some winners, some losers, you never really know until you try.

Thanks for the review

Definitely! That's part of the reason I'm glad to be able to review some of these. I know I'd never try some out on my own, so this has been getting me looking forward to trying new things :)

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So, I take it, it gets tongues down from you? :P;):lol:

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