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Lovers Sundae-cherries Jubilee


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pdms110-62main.jpgPut a Cherry on Top

Make your lover the Cherry on Top!

I have tried other flavors of body toppings before, and I like the Lover’s Sundae products because they are not as runny or as sticky as some other brands. And certainly less messy than real cherry juice.

A fun 4 oz tube of bright maraschino red gel makes for an enjoyable way to have your dessert and eat it too. I liked the flavor, it really did taste like cherries, with a slight bite. I was happy to note that the almost fluorescent red tint did not stain my skin...even after a long slow licking. Which was also a good thing, as red stained thighs in Summer would have cause a few stares. We were careful not to get any on the sheets during play, but later on I did a fabric check and was able to rinse it completely off a cloth napkin with no residual staining. I cannot vouch for its washability on sheets and would suggest you exercise caution on your ‘good sheets’.

Overall it was a fun, tasty way to liven up an “Afternoon Delight”.

Check out their other flavors too! The Carmel Tart was delicious!

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Mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm looks good!!! :)

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