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The Crystal Flex Triple Stimulating Vibe


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Crystal Flex Triple Action

It’s pretty “clear” what this clear toy can do! It stimulates you, & how! This waterproof, jelly toy has dual bullets for optimum power, and the main shaft bends too! The clit stimulator has its very own bullet, plus you have the pliable anal jelly stimulating “branch” that is narrow and ribbed (for your pleasure).

All of this is controlled with 3 AAA batteries that go in the easy to twist off base, follow the insertion directions, twist back on, and then turn the dial. Low to medium vibes run thru the shaft, the clit’s bullet runs at the same speed as the shafts, but is much more concentrated being that it’s in a smaller area, so these vibes feel a lot stronger, & you can feel some slight vibrations in the anal branch too. I LOVE the clit stimulator because it has that special little “tip” to it that kind of reminds me of a little mini-tongue. Great for more direct stimulation! The shaft is about 4.5” (insertable length). Total length of this toy is 7”, with a diameter of 1.25”, it’s also “bumpy” too, which really feels good.

So, gathering up the freshly cleaned toy, water-based lube, and going to my comfy bed, I prop up some pillows and get ready for some self-love. Lubing up the anal branch, I was surprised at how easy this part went up inside of me, along with the main shaft up inside my vagina. I’m still not overly confident with anal play, but this toy made it easy & comfortable. Plus, it’s pliable enough where, if you didn’t want to try it one night, you can bend it down and it’s still comfortable.

All of the bumps were soooo stimulating, and the smoothness was divine, I was in heaven. Add the highest vibes, and oh, yes, we have one “clearly” happy Tyger! I felt full, in both holes, and my clit was getting the strong, direct stimulation that it simply CRAVES!

Simple & comfortable to use & care for, this toy is great for beginners on up to advanced toy users alike. It’s a “clear” cut case of “YOU GOTTA GET IT! 4 (out of 4) Tyger Paws WAAAAY up!

It's a Clear choice x3!

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Great review. I am definitely interested in this one. I was just looking at one that someone else had recommended but it was from a different company. This one is almost exactly like it and I would be able to get it from my favorite place as well.

Thanks for the information. I can't wait.

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I am SOOOO BAD!!! I just saw that Mikayla did a review on this one too, and I posted it as NEW. I suck. I'm sorry. I'm a dork, made a mistake, and, well, there it is. LMAO :rolleyes: Here's the link to Mikayla's review for this toy as well:

Mikayla's Review on The Crystal Flex

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I still am in search of the perfect rabbit for me. I will add to my wishlist I think. Gosh that list is long :lol:

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