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We have all heard of someone having a velvet touch.

I have the velvet touch...

The velvet touch bullet that is...

I have tried several bullets in the past, single, doule, silver, colored, and the list goes on.

This one however is truely unique, and has earned a spot at the top of my toybox.

So, your asking me " what makes this so special from all of the others sold here?"

First, it is waterproof.

Yes, totaly waterproof, and believe me, I put this lil baby through it's paces,

The bathtub, the shower,and a trip to the pool.

Personally, I think ALL toy boxes should have at least 1 waterproof toy in them.

Secondly, the coating on it.

As the name suggests, it really is velvety soft.

I for one love the coating, because when I used it, there was none of that "OMG IT IS FREEZING!" shock to

sensitive areas.

Thirdly, it is wireless.

Yup, thats right, no wires, no remotes, no getting tangled up or having to move things to go from solo play to


Fourth, it is extremely simple to use.

Just push the button and you are on your way to a great orgasm.

Just remember to open it and pull out the small plastic tab before you use it for the first time.

Now for the downside to it...

Because it is wireless, it is for external use only.

IF you use lube with it, you have to use a water based product, because as we all know, silicone based lubes will

kill a silicone based toy very quickly.

the other downside of this toy is that it runs on button cell batteries.

While this may nt be a problem in everone elses eyes, to someone who has problems witht hem in the past,

it could very well be.

The batteries are easily replaced, and just as easy to find.

They can be purchased at most "mart" stores, online, at Radio Shack etc.

all in all this is a fantastic toy.

super easy for beginners and more experianced players alike.

It is great for solo or couples playtime.

velvet touch

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