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Positions With Him On Top


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Hi, its CL again with a NEW predicament!! I need to know some type of positions with him ON TOP that won't require him using his arms for balance, etc. Hubby was/is a baseball fanatic and now has messed his shoulders up so bad, the dr. says surgery won't help him. (I think its a load of !@#$ but ya gotta go with who the ins. co. sends you to) Dr. said his shoulders are at the point that they look like what the Major league ball players have when they are forced to retire. Hubby has played ball since he was 8 years old and is now 50.

I need some ideas cause he likes it on top so much but he can't do it anymore because of the pain afterwards. (endorphins are a good thing DURING sex...its afterwards when he is in pain)

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This one is a little challenging - man on top and he can't use his arms for balance, huh? Poor Guy! You'll have to get on top and do some cock milking CL! :P

Ok, here are some ideas I have.

1) You lay flat, bend your knees in "Indian style" up toward your body. Not only will this support him (he can hold onto your knees) but it makes it really tight for him and for you. It will provide extra stability! I love this position, it is a good G-Spotter too!

2) You lay flat, put your feet up on his shoulders. Your feet will support him in the same way as the aforementioned.

3) The classic, legs wide open. Have him grab your ankles for stability. This position will allow for clit action (by you only dear, he will have to hold on) but it will provide a nice, wide view for him, and easy pumping, and you can rock to a nice pace with him.

4) What kind of bed do you have? You could lie next to the end of the bed if you have anything with footboards and he could grab onto it for stability too.

5) Just lie on each other and grind. Who says he has to be supported UP? Just have him lie on you, and he can rock back and forth. Circle your legs around his ass, and help him pull up and back without using his arms much.

6) This is one of my favorites (it is hard to master though) - it is a Tantric position - you lie down and spread your legs. He faces away from you. He enters you and lies down flat or with a pillow under his belly and you thrust yourself up onto him. I know, sounds confusing, but once you get him in, and down, it is wonderful! He is ON TOP, but not....

7) Also, try the X- Position - not a man on top, but a good one all the same!

Good Luck CL, let me know how things pan out for ya!

Mikayla :D

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I can also think of one or two that might be of help. You can have him enter you and then if he is semi-flexible, he can sit up strait and hold your hips and thrust. I have done this one for years with my wife and we love it. He can also lean back a bit for some added G-spot stimulation(at least that is what My wife tells me), and another is a slight variation of the previous. If you prop a pillow under your rear, he can squat and hold your hips and have fun. This one always makes me feel a little like a gorilla(which is a funny story for another time) but the moans I hear from this one speak for themselves! If those are too confusing let me know and I will try to think of better ways to explain.....

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