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astroglidexmain.jpg Get the X-Factor!

I am already a big fan of Astroglide - it is my 'go-to' lube (especially for anal play). When I got this new one I wasn't sure if it could possibly be better than the original (or different at all). I can say - it is BETTER! I am not sure what this lubricant has it in that makes it Astroglide X - but the 'X' makes it much slicker! Astroglide is slick enough already - but this one is super slick! It does have a mixture of silicone-based skin conditioners - and that silicone really does the trick!

I used this lubricant first for solo play with a toy - and it was awesome. It was smooth, slick, sensual and not sticky. It lasted the whole time without reapplication. It was a very, very pleasurable experience.

My hubby and I also used this last night for sex and anal. It was AWESOME for both! During sex is held on like a trooper - same great Astroglide sensation with a little longer lastingness. The true test was during anal. A good lube will keep up during anal sex - and Astroglide has never let me down. Well, the X in Astroglide X must stand for XXXXtra long lasting! This lube kept us slick and comfortable through our whole anal experience!

As a side note, when we were done with play and all washed up, I noticed a distinct 'softness' to my vaginal area. I shave there, and this lube did a bit of moisturizing while it held up during play. Can't argue with that!

This lube is totally AWESOME! I would recommend this lube to anyone for anything. Just remember, no silicone or cyberskin toy play with silicone lubes. Astroglide X is X-TRAordinary!

Mikayla's Rating: 5 out of 5 SLIPPERY Os!

Get the X Treatment!

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Fantastic! Thanks for letting us know about another great Astroglide product!

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