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Leave it to Hustler to do it again! I have always been a big fan of Hustler products. This Rock Candy even with a down side to it was still amazing. This product is actually two toys in one. There is a small standard vibe, which is approximately 1” girth 6” long. The sleeve is 7” long, 2” girth. The product is of “Jelly” type material. I opened the package, immediately noticed that there was a slight “toy” scent. Nothing overwhelming at all which I found to be a little surprising, since most “Jelly” type toys tend to have a big scent to them.

I then washed my “candy”, grabbed 2AA and headed off to my bed for a little bit of me time. I have to admit since the sleeve is thick, I wasn’t sure if this product was going to be able to provide the nice strong vibrations that I like, since the smaller vibrator doesn’t quit go to the tip of the sleeve once inserted. I lubed the vibrator, before inserting it into the “blue candy” sleeve, to make sure that it could go in easily without being stuck.

I started my playtime, I was a little disappointed since the vibrations weren’t as strong as what I prefer, but the full feeling I had was still enough to bring me to have a huge orgasm.

The down side to this product is once I was finished playing I went to clean up my toy, and remove the vibrator from the “candy” sleeve. It actually took a lot to get it out; I struggled with it for a little bit before actually being able to get the sleeve off.

Even though this product didn’t provide me with the strong vibrations I like, I am still a big fan.


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I'd suggest that you put a dollop of lube on the vibe before insertion, and since that toy looks so big, grasp the "balls" to thrust it inside you. Or, when you're cleaning it, try getting some soap in between the vibe & sleeve.

Is the sleeve sturdy enough without the vibe in it to use on its own? Is it waterproof?

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