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Allright...this is for all the GUYS who have been PM'ing me about masturbators. :rolleyes:

I was finally generous enough to get a toy for my hubby - I ordered him "The Fleshlight" masturbator because I heard it was one of the best - and he does go out of town sometimes, so I figured he could use a "substitute" pussy :D - not that there is a substitute for me, mind you! :blink:

Anyway, here is what he had to say about it - although I am sure having me next to him as he masturbated asking him all these questions wasn't his exact idea of a night of fun!

*Make sure you take out the white plastic pipe that is used to keep the inside of the Fleshlight open - if you don't you are going to have a serious penis injury!

*It is soft and fairly realistic feeling, feels like flesh.

*It will accomodate from average, to more than average size penis girth - with a length of up to around 9 inches or so.

*The directions suggest "water based" lubricants - which is what he used.

*He needed to use quite a bit of it - and actually put more in as he was playing because it got dry quickly. Once there was an ample amount of lube inside, it was sliding up and down nicely.

*He said it would get him off much quicker than his hands (if I would quit talking!) :blink:

*You can cum in it, which is nice, you can stop using the sock under the bed (ewwww....is that why those are crusty???) :angry:

*It cleans up nicely, just run warm, soapy water through it to clean it off and let it dry and "she" or "it" is ready for the next use!

Overall, my hubby said it was a great toy - easy to use, nice feeling -not as good as me, but hey, runners up are OK!

Mikayla's note: it makes a sound similiar to a nice, wet pussy - so if you like the sounds - this is a good toy. It is not so loud that it would wake up roommates, however, unless they are in a bed across from you!

Ok, there you go - I hope you are happy! I will let you know if we try more!


Mikayla B)

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I Brought myself one as my wife's sex drive is a lot lot LOT lower then mine and it causing a few problems. Its WooooooooooW really does feel like the real thing just like having it with someone new. Highly recommended.I went for the see through option which is quite strange seeing just how much your penis does stretch :lol:

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A friend of mine, newly seperated/going thru a divorce bought one. I didn't know it until I jokingly said he needed to buy one. His response "I already did, how do you think I"m keeping sane?" he loves it!! :D

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