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Needing a new DVD for my collection, I ordered My Sex Kitten. I liked the cover on the site, and, admittedly, I didn’t really read the DVD’s description, because, when I viewed it with my hubby, all I could do was go “HUH?” This is what you’d call a “virtual interactive” DVD. My bad, I didn’t pay attention. LOL I would definitely say that this particular DVD is mostly geared for a man.

Anyway, Jenna Haze “stars” in this film, and you only see the lower half of a man, here and there, adding to the illusion, that you, the viewer, are really there, “fucking” her. I’m not a huge Jenna Haze fan. She looks and sounds too young for my tastes, though, they clearly state that she is of legal age to be in such films. For me it’s really hard to take her seriously, with her high baby-ish voice. I almost expect to see her at the local mall, cheerleading, or blowing bubble-gum. She is cute though. She’s very skinny, and small-chested, but cute.

No plots to worry about, or fancy sets in this DVD. All the focus is on Jenna paying all of her attention to her virtual lover (you). Do you want to see the Good Kitty, or Naughty Kitty? PS2 & X-Box compatible, you can view this DVD on many varieties of machines.

You get several options of viewing for her: Teasing (teasing herself with her breasts, ass, or pussy), Masturbation (with a finger, vibe, or dildo), Foreplay (seeing a man’s hand tease her pussy, using a vibrator on her, at an angle that would suggest the viewer is licking her, or her giving the viewer a BJ in which you see a real dick at an angle where the viewer is looking down on her sucking “his” dick), Sex (missionary position, doggie, cowgirl & reverse cowgirl. All of which you see “your dick” pounding away at her.). At least where there’s a real dick involved, “you” practice safe sex! Each scene is between a little over a minute, to 30 seconds, depending on which scene you choose.

Each has their good and bad angles. Plus with each, you can hear her talk “Nice, Naughty, or Cumming”. Nice is descriptive, yet not “vulgar”. Naughty is when she gets down and can make a sailor blush, and the Cumming, well, is of her cumming.

You can also see slides of Jenna, Behind The Scenes, & the credits.

Hubby wasn’t awfully impressed with this one, and neither was I. In most scenes, she'd ask you if you wanted to .......and then she'd giggle, or say, "well, OK", like she was an innocent or something. It got a bit annoying to us. Plus, she just wasn’t our type that we preferred to watch, nor was this the sort of DVD that we were expecting, so we just weren’t thrilled with this one. I tried viewing it again, and though I was impressed with the angles and everything, the DVD just wasn't my sort of thing. I'd give it 1 out of 4 Tyger Paws, just to be nice.

Meow for you?

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hmmmmmm..... well, thats different. A couple points for creativity at least!

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