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Hello friends! A recent post has caused me to revisit one of my first Toy Reviews for TooTimid - the Huster Mini-Pocket Vibrator. I was suggesting vibes for clitoral use and I was fondly remembering my Hustler! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this litle vibe! I literally keep it in my purse - I do, because I want to have it in the case of a "clitoral emergency!" Anyway, I decided I should post my review of it here so all of my forum friends can read it. If you want a good clitoral mini-vibe with INTENSE vibrations, this one will do it for you everytime! :o

As I sat on Lake Shore Drive in gridlocked traffic this morning I thought, "SHIT! I wish I had my Hustler Hot-Spot Mini-Vibrator!" No kidding! This little beauty came in my first box of toys from TooTimid, and I when I first saw it I seriously doubted that something that tiny could do anything for me. Boy was I wrong! This little vibe packs a powerful punch! It is small - only 4 inches long - and is super quiet. For something that only takes 1-AA battery, you will not be able to believe the orgasms you will get from this cute little vibrator!

It has 3 metal tips that vibrate at tremendous speeds to give whatever area of the body they are touching a tremendously exhilarating sensation. This little gem is WATERPROOF so it easily goes from bed to bath (to car - damn, forgot it) in no time flat! I highly suggest this mini-vibe for couples or for single play because of it's universal uses. It feels good on your neck, ears, nipples, back, thighs, tummy, clit - my hubby says it gave him quite a rush on his penis and balls as well - the "hot spots!"

It is so quiet and small that it can be used discreetly - hence my idea to use it in rush hour traffic! I will warn you that it is POWERFUL, so be prepared for a quick orgasm if you are using it for clitoral stimulation! I am a girl who can take a lot of stimulation, but I had to move this vibe away from my clit after a few orgasms - it is just too intense! For stimulating all your "hot spots" I recommend the Hustler Hot-Spot Waterproof Mini Vibrator - who ever said bigger was better?

Happy Orgasming! :lol:


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I am impressed, dear Howard, at the Benjamin Franklin quote. You almost had it right. It actually is:

"We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately." :D:blink:

He also said:

"A learned blockhead is a greater blockhead than an ignorant one." - so I guess you are a "learned blockhead" huh? :P

He also said one of my favorites, and I KNOW you won't take offense at this being what my future profession is as well:

"God works wonders now and then; Behold a lawyer, an honest man. " :o

It is nice we can enlighten the forum with other things too huh? Oh, and I am quite sure if I got caught using my mini-vibe on Lake Shore Drive that I too would be arrested for indecent exposure and not revered as "The New Woman." Luckily, I have an SUV which puts me up higher than most people - except truck drivers - and would THEY Care????? Plus, I would discreetly tuck it under my skirt - I doubt anyone would know what I was doing!!!

Mikayla :o

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My wife loves this toy too. We use it all the time if we have company over and she just has a Clitoral Emergency as Mikayla put it. I will follow her in to our room and a couple of mintues later, she slightly satisfied and I love getting to watch her use it. I love the light on it, I can usually see everthing even if the lights are dim. A great toy and quite a strong item, it also won't eat batteries like some.....a great value and a great toy.

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Quite honestly, when I took this toy out of my box, I thought I'd be disappointed. It didn't look like a toy that would deliver much. Boy, was I wrong!!!!!

This toy is about four inches long, and has three little metal nubbies on the top. It takes one AA battery. The battery is easy to insert, although it can sometimes be a little stubborn to get the two parts back together. The on, off, and open control is a twist of the vibe, and it is easy to overshoot where you want to be.

I started out using this vibe on my neck, arms, and legs. I didn't really like it all that much. So I was truly unprepared for the sensation when I touched my clit. I just about jumped off the bed! It is amazingly strong, and I ended up having my first true multiple orgasm from this cute little stick! It will stay at the top of my toybox for a long, long time!

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