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My Neighbor's Sex Tapes 2


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So, let’s go “break in” to the neighbor’s apartment, steal some cash, and other stuff, and, oh…what’s this? Videos tapes? Hmmm, could be interesting.

Watch, as we see Diesel and his girlfriend, Risi go find other girls to fuck, fondle, and have fellatio with! They cruise South Florida’s beaches and shops, looking for fun-looking & sexy girls to join in their “private” fun. At first, all the girls seem weirded out by the camera, but they quickly become at ease when they find out that this is for personal use only.

They first meet Reese, a sexy petite brunette with a great sense of humor, tits, & “travel sized pussy”. Then there’s Sabree, who’s a blonde that seems a bit more on the shy side…at first, but she definitely comes around!. My favorite gal is Victoria, a tall, leggy brunette that they meet at the bikini store. She seems a lot of fun, free, and very realistic body shape-wise. Then there’s Jackie, who Risi brings home on her own first, and they all get down and dirty. Last, but certainly not least, is Robyn, whom they meet at a nice hotel, and, after a few drinks, have a lot of fun with too.

Now, as far as looking like home movies, they do. The film quality is a bit better than you’d expect, but you really do get the feeling of having stolen someone’s private treasure of personal porn. You get to see Diesel’s POV of seeing his GF lick, suck, and fuck her way to orgasm after orgasm with the other girls, as well as with him. You also get to see a bit of Risi’s POV, but it’s mostly about seeing the girls with girls, more realistic bodies (blemishes and so on visible), and Diesel’s POV, just like it would with someone’s personal, private porn.

I loved all of the girl-on-girl action, and how fun this all seemed! The one thing I didn’t like is the lack of condoms that was apparent. If you’re going to engage in casual sex, condoms are a MUST, no matter what, in my opinion. Other than that, this film was over 3 hours of free-feelin’ fun! I definitely liked this one better than most of the amateur ones I’ve seen in the past.

I'd give this 3 out of 4 Tyger Paws.

Do you like to watch?

September's DVD of the Month 2008

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Are you a voyeur at heart? Wanna catch a quick peek at what your neighbors are doing after hours? Well, join Risi and Diesel as they pick up some sassy sluts and videotape the sexcapades.

This video has a homemade feeling to it - but it is very, very good quality. There is a bit of a "Blair Witch Project" feel as the camera follows the action. Oh, and what action there is. Blowjobs, double blowjobs, fondling and fucking. What there is a noticable lack of is 'true' mutual oral between the girls. Oh sure, they kiss, touch, fondle and there is a little female/female action, but I would not characterize this as a 'lesbian' feature. I kinda missed that!

The girls are very real looking. Average looks, decent bodies. They DEFINITELY need a lesson in proper waxing. If I were to guess, I would say that some of these gals never shaved before. Result: BAD ass acne. I am sorry if this is petty, but I don't want to look at a ton of ass acne - especially this one gal - it looked like a pre-pubescent teenager's face the night before prom!

While there is a nice selection of natural breasts from A cup to a very jiggly D cup - I find the au natural look to be a bit redundant and would have really liked a nice pair of big, fake tits - but that is my preference. Risi is definitely hot and she has a very 'meaty' pussy (to quote the film). She is hot and horny and ready for action.

Diesel has a nice cock and he sure can get it on with these gals. There is a lack of positions, he seems to like the camera ready positions where he can tape it from above while seeing the ladies sucking him off or his cock buried in their snatches. In any case, it is hot.

I would have loved some more in-depth female action and a little more variety in scenarios - but hey, it is not MY personal home porn vid! If you like the idea of being a fly on the wall - you will love this film. There is plenty of sex for all your neighbors to enjoy.

Mikayla's Rating: 4 out of 5 Screming Os

Do you like to watch?

September's DVD of the Month 2008

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September's DVD of the Month

Cezar Capone presents the voyeuristic adventures of Cock Diesel and his girlfriend Renna Ryan in their search for hottie hook ups with Risi Simms, Sabree Lynn, Victoria, Jackie Joy, and Robyn Lee. The footage is filmed from first person perspective with a “home movie” feel. A neighbor breaks into Diesel’s apartment and nabs his home sex tapes, along with money from his wallet. The following footage contains seven sex “tapes,” each including Renna; five featuring hook up scenes.

The girls in the film are young, firm, and eager. They are also giggly and unrealistically agreeable to suggestion by two strangers with a camera. The action is very inexperienced in nature and looses a lot of potential heat with the goofing around and angst driven dialogue. There is very little action other than basic touching and basic screwing. Even the girl on girl action here was weak. There was no use of condoms and they don’t even look like they are enjoying themselves. In my opinion, the film encourages some very poor choices: stealing from your friends, risking your health and well being, and embarrassing yourself on film with your lack of sexual prowess.

On a positive note, the girls have a very real look to them - real boobs, real curves, real jiggle, and seemingly unscripted “real life.” So, if the idea of picking up unknown females for unprotected twenty-something threesomes turns you on, order up a keg and some pizza, because you have over three hours of mindless sucking and fucking to watch. This professional attempt at amateur filmmaking feels like plastic porn.

Our top five responses to this DVD are:

•“Couldn’t they wait until the wax rash disappeared? That sort of diminishes the allure of a Brazilian.”

•“Ok, warn the homophobes… too many extreme close-ups of the one eyed snake.”

•“I think the Friday night marital obligation is steamier than this.”

•“This guy needs new tricks, he’s all bump and grind; it’s unoriginal.”

•“How ‘bout a little less talk and a lot more action?”

No longer September? Shop here!

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