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Well, welcome to TooTimid M6Mom!

I think many people can relate to your dilemma with porn - porn is not for everyone. There are many different types of porn - perhaps you could suggest that he get a softer porn - something more tame - like the "Better Sex Videos?"

Or, look for a prior post where someone asked about porn for women, I suggested a whole bunch of videos that were reviewed highly for women. Look back at that post.

Now, as for the making your man happy part....I think you have to look at it like you are making BOTH of you happy. If you haven't read it on this forum yet, let me be the first to say it: SEX IS ADULT PLAY! That is how you should look at it. Sex should be fun, tantilizing and good for BOTH partners. If you are enjoying what you are doing to each other, it will convey to the other person.

Perhaps try something you haven't before - a sensual massage, anal sex, do you use sex toys - you could get some new toys!

Even if you just want to try to slow it up and have longer foreplay, any change to routine can make sex soooo much better and more fun for both of you. Have a discussion with your man about what he would like to try. Perhaps try the "fantasy box" - this is where you each write down some fantasies that you would like to do with each other and you put them in a box and draw one out and execute it. It is a fun way to do new things, and you get to know your partner better.

Whatever you do - HAVE FUN WHILE YOU DO IT!!!!

Read some of these posts, you will get great ideas from the posters here!

If you want other ideas, please post again. We are all glad to help!

Mikayla ;)

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I know that this post is kinda old, but I am trying to catch up a bit, and hopefully help!

I've helped a few friends "come out of their sexual shell" by showing them stores, toys, and videos to try! Plus, I've been telling LOTS of people about this site as well!! :D

Mikala, is yet again SOOOOOOOOOOOO right!!

Sex is about having fun, and if you're in a manogomous relationship, showing how much you love and care for that person. It's also about 2 people, not just one pleasing the other and that's it. It's for BOTH of you!!

Remember to try new things, keep an open mind, and if there's something that you tried that you didn't like, voice it, cuz if you don't tell him that you don't like it, and he does, he may want to do it more and more, and you'll wind up not wanting to have sex at all!! :ph34r:

There are LOTS of different types of porn out there. I love porn! :P They don't all have to have, guy on girl, blow job, girl on girl, blow job, doggie style, guy on girl, ending credits. :D There are different levels of it. If you want a bit of privacy to order these types of videos, there is another catalog/site, which I'm sure you've heard of/seen: www.carolwrightgifts.com

They have some adult videos as well as some mild toys. The videos are unrated, so they are probably a lot like romance novels come to life, but I am not sure.

I hope you're able to discover a bunch more sexual fun in your marriage!!! :)

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