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Jill Kelly Productions brings you this 1 hour & 33 minute film full of girls getting what they want; and what they want is cock, lots & lots of cock, the best cock there is. And, oh yeah, they definitely get lots & lots of cock in this film!!

Jill Kelly not only produces this film, but is in it as well. You get an all-star cast, starring Cindy Crawford, Alexis Amore, Randy Spears, Star E. Knight (I don’t make these up), Evan Stone, and many others are all in this exciting film.

There are 6 scenes to choose from, each with it’s own little theme, usually accompanied by some “pornish” music. There’s a couple scene, where they’re in the bedroom, and it’s almost like you’re watching an “almost” everyday couple having sex.

Then there’s one of 4 scenes where there’s more than one guy giving it to a lady! Jill Kelly herself gets licked, banged, fucked, reamed, fingered, and whatever else they can find to do by 3 other men, all by a pool. Hey, if you’re the Director of a porn, you deserve some special treatment, right?

There’s a great SUB/DOM feeling to one scene, where it’s only 2 people (MF), and I love love love her string bodysuit, chains, collars, masks, and other assorted fun stuff in that scene (which is my favorite).

You can go from sort of mild, to really wild, all in the time it takes to view this film. The only scene I didn’t care for was the last one, involving 2 guys and a girl. This scene was more “fluffy” and very stereotypical of what most people think of when they think of porn, but that girl does have some mad oral skills! We have 3-somes AND 4-somes in this film, and the girl gets ALL of the attention of the guys! It was rather refreshing to see the women more in control, even with the 3/4-somes. One woman got to have all this adoration at a time! Oh, yeah!

At the very end, there seemed to be some kind of glitch, like they were going to put in a new scene, but changed their mind, it was kind of weird, but it was just a blip, so no big deal.

You also get a variety of extras, like photo galleries, trailers, and teasers too. I give it 3 out of 4 Tyger Paws.

You GO girl!!

October 2008 DVD of the Month

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