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Eden Waterproof Dragonfly Ring

Marie Antoinette

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Eden’s Waterproof Dragonfly Ring


One of the best Cock Rings we’ve tested so far!

Eden’s Dragonfly Ring is made of a soft jelly material with a removable bullet. Like its name, EDEN will bring a bit of paradise to anyone who buy’s it. Since the bullet is removable you get an added bonus as you can use the bullet for direct clit stimulation. It takes 3 size A13 batteries and comes with 6!

We started out with me giving Anton some nice oral attention. Just before he was to climax, I put the dragonfly in place on his cock and resumed pleasuring him with some long licks and hard sucks. Then I climbed on top. This felt incredible as the long vibrating tail pushed and pulsed against my clit. This was non-stop pleasure as I rode his now buzzing member. After a few good O’s, he flipped me over doggy style and MMM. The tail of the dragonfly gave me some good vibrations a new area. The vibes felt really nice against my anal area. It was a welcome sensation to this anal play newbie. It felt so nice and pushed me over the edge into one of the most incredible OMG O’s that I have ever had.

Since this is waterproof and the bullet is removable, clean up is so easy.


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OMG!! I LOVE that!! It's PURPLE AND it's a dragonfly!! Dragonflies are something I collect!! What a great thing!!! Thanks for the great review. Now I know it's worth it!!

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