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Well, you didn't say just one thing, so I suppose I can give the list!

I love spanking....the first swat of my hubby's hand on my ass....oh momma I can feel the sting...usually by the 4th or 5th I have cum!

I love the first touches of his fingers or tongue on my pussy - there is nothing like knowing he is going to touch me or lick me and that first, initial touch really gets my motors going!

I love bondage - being subdued and tied down - being made to submit to his wishes - that will make me wetter than almost anything!

I love new sex toys! Feeling the new sensations of a new toy - experimenting with a new size dildo or vibrator - oh the thought of playing will keep me horny all day!

I love sucking cock - that will turn me on big time - seeing my man squirm, hearing him moan and groan, feeling him grabbing for my tits or any other part of my body he can reach because he is so horny....that gets me going big time!

I guess I am pretty easy, huh?

Mikayla :blink:

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A good, long, passionate French kiss. That REALLY revs this woman's engine!! Also, any kind of nipple play. I will get VERY close to cumming with that done just right. ;)

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Like the previous people that posted i too have more then one turn on....

I will start of by saying alot of foreplay....or teasing if you will.....especially when being held dwon or pinned up against the wall.....mmmm.....waiting for that first touch.....to the point that i cant wait any longer wow how wet i get

I love to suck my mans cock.....the moans and groans and the OH BABY YES MMMMMM.....him watching me while i do it and me looking up at him....a big turn on for both of us

Being taken from behind and having my nips played with from behind is also tops on my list...nipple play is a must for me.....I gotta have it

Last but not least some hot phone sex never hurts and aslo a good porn.....I never had a 3some but watching one does it for me......two hot girls and a hot guy....big tits...big cock....wet pussy.......I think i better stop now..........wink wink

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