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Rampant Problem In Tx


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News article and segment on water in gas pumps sold in TX

Well, the ONE good thing about this, is that I don't feel so stupid.

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This is a good reason why to ALWAYS get a reciept for fuel, and keep it for a month or so.

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Since I worked at the truck stop I noticed that a lot of stations have their monitor wells and filler dumps above ground with a visible cement hump around them. If I cannot see these or if I see that they are below parking lot level I refuse to buy and gas. Every rainstorm leaves standing water and if you let an 1" or wo of water into your ank everytime you get a load of fuel or check the fuel level you should have a label on the pumps stating this problem could occur. Calling out a truck to pull bottoms on fuel tanks to remove the water is how this is corrected but isn't always done before it causes problems!

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