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Bf Hates Performing Oral On Me


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So my bf is the first sexual partner I’ve had, (we started dating when I was 18, I’m now 20) and in the beginning I was completely shy about oral sex. I was not too inhibited by anything else, just him performing it on ME. He did ask a handful of times and I always said no, even though I really wanted it, I just didn’t think he would like it. Fast forward to now, where I’ve gotten over my hang-ups, thanks to you guys! :rolleyes: And I know now that there are lots of men out there who like performing oral sex on women and who actually enjoy it.

So here is the problem… I finally brought it up about two weeks ago, and one afternoon we just incorporated it into the foreplay.

Afterwards, I asked him if he liked it, and he said yes. To my confusion, it has not happened since then… even though I told him how much I enjoyed and LOVED it (what was I THINKING all that time??? I should have found you guys a long time ago!) :P

I know that in the beginning of our relationship, with sex and oral sex, I would always ask him, do you like it when I speed up or down, or how does it feel when I do this, or when I touch here, etc. Just so that if I couldn’t tell by his body reactions, I would know… so this is weird to me… he never once asked how I liked it, or asked if he could do anything better. I offered up some advice afterwards, and I said, “it would be better if you slowed down a little in the beginning,” and he said, “you’re so hard to satisfy!”

So now I feel like he doesn’t even CARE about pleasing me. Or maybe he hates performing oral sex on me?

What’s this all about? What’s going on? I’ve asked him if he liked it and he said yes.. I’ve asked twice since the first time and nothing has happened… I’d appreciate any comments or advice from you all.

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How about the next time you are fooling around you just turn your ass around and sit on his face! Don't ask, don't hint...just get into foreplay, start sucking his cock, and turn yourself around and put it in his face! I am a girl who likes the direct approach, so for me...doing that is pretty direct!

Or, you could lie on the bed naked and when he starts to kiss on you, just push his head down there! There are direct ways to get him to lick you! If he likes it - and I am pretty sure he probably does - then he will do it!

As for the giving instructions - there is a time and a place - it is good to nudge him a little left or a little right...but sometimes talking during the act too much ruins the mood! Guys are "in the moment" and they get easily distracted by a lot of instructions or a lot of questions. So, if you are going to ask questions about sex or tell him what you liked or didn't like, then do it out of the bedroom!

So, tonight, just get his face in your crotch...I don't care how..just get him down there licking!

Good Luck!


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