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I don't know where this came from. I sent this to my other half and he has been encouraging me to post it so here goes. I just started writing and it kept going.

Lets see I am thinknig. We get a nice room with nice roman tub so that we can play together in it. I put one key in the visor of my car so that when you get there you can just let yourself in. We devote the day and most of the night to pleasing and being pleased. I get checked in and you are gonna show up a little later. I get all of my toys out and place them on the nightstand. I then get the bed ready and also set up the under the bed restraint system. I place the whipped cream and chocolate syrup in the fridge and make sure that I have ice. From there I light the candles and turn down the lights.

I get out the special lingerie I got to wear just for you. It is silky, revealing and oh so nice. I then go and take a nice long hot bubble bath and make sure I am oh so smooth for you. Then I step out of the tub and dry off from head to toe. I look at the clock and realize you will be there shortly. I go out to the bed and rub lotion on me. Then I slip into the special lingerie. Now I just wait for you to arrive which should be any minute. I am laying across the bed facing the door waiting.

You have now arrived and I can tell by the smile on your face that you approve and love what I bought to wear for you. You remove your coat and shoes and come lay down on the bed with me. We quickly find our way into each others arms and start lightly petting and kissing. The kisses are slowly getting deeper and deeper. You fnd your way down to my pussy and realize just how wet she is. You smile in delight when you realize. You then sit up and remove your shirt and lay back down with me. We continue to just take our time as there is no rushing it. I then reach down and undo your pants and reach in to see just how hard you are. You groan with satisfaction of my hand on your hard dick. I love when you are hard for me. You decide to stand up and remove your pants and underwear. You instruct me to stand up so that you can see me completely in this beautiful outfit. I turn so you can see it all. So then you stand up against me and we start dancing slowly to the music playing. We continue kissing and petting while we are dancing. Slowly I feel the straps being lowered and my outfit falling to the floor. I then step out of it and continue the feeling of being in your arms as you lead me back onto the bed. Where we start kissing more deeply and can taste each others hunger for each other.

You then tell me to move to the edge of the bed and lay back. You kneel down at the edge of the bed and start teasing my clit. Then I feel your fingers making there way inside of me and going to town on my gspot. I know exactly what you are wanting and I can't wait for it to happen. We know how I love to squirt. Your fingers are pumping in and out and here it comes. I love being able to do that for you. I then smile and tell you to sit down on the bed. I got over and get some ice. I then kneel down in between your knees and place the ice in my mouth and swirl it around so my mouth is nice and cold. I then lower my mouth down to our balls as I know they will love it. I take them in my mouth and start sucking them til I find that perfect spot that just sets your off. While I am doing this I am slowly rubbing your hard dick. I know move more north. I take my tongue and run it along your hard dick as I get to the tip, then circling my tongue around the tip. I then think you have been patient enough that I slowly put your hard dick in my mouth and move it in and out. Now picking up speed. I then tell you to lay back so I can look into your eyes while I do this. I can see by your eyes that you can't take much more.

You tell me to stop and lay down on the bed that you want me right now. I lay down and you start rubbing your hard dick around my pussy and then with a nice thrust you enter my hot wet pussy and I let out a sigh as I have been wanting this so bad. We are looking at each other as we are making love. I love the feel of your hard dick pumping in and out of me. I am looking into your eyes as I feel such a connection when I do, but can't for long as I have a wonderful O building. Oh my god yes. Oh you know exactly what I need. You then tell me to turn over as we know I LOVE it from behind. You enter me from behind and continue to pound my pussy. You then lay down with me and we hold hands as you continue to pound my pussy. Oh god that is so good.

Then with how well you know me I need to work up to anal. You grab my slim vibe and lube and start to work it into my ass as you are pounding my pussy. Oh this feels so good. Oh god I want you in my ass so bad. You take my advice and go there. You enter slightly and wait for me to adjust and then you slowly enter the rest of the way. I tell you to give it to me you start pumping in and out of my ass hard and deep. Yes if feels so damn good. Fuck my ass baby give it to me good. Oh I feel you are getting ready to cum as well. Oh I love cumming together. OH yes....oh god that feels so damn good. We both cum and love it.

We then decide to lay together you lay down and I come over and cuddle with you and then we start to cuddle and drift off into a small nap....until we go again.

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REALLY great! I can tell you were getting hotter toward the end as your wording got dirtier and more insistent... kind of like my stories!


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