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My Girl Doesn't Want Me To Go Down On Her.


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well... been with this girl for a while now.

even though our sex life is great! she doesn't really like the oral part.

she doesn't like to give BJ much even though she does from time to time.

but biggest problem (at least for me) is that she doesn't want me to go down on her.

it's NOT because i don't know what i am doing.

I DO know. So I was told by many many different girls. Including this one.

"You are good, that's why I let you go down on me a couple of times.

But the whole wet feeling down there gross me out"

any suggestions?

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Ok, she obviously has a mental block about her "wetness" that is preventing her from enjoying the oral sex...what a total shame! This is not uncommon, however, many women have issues with their vaginas and hence, oral sex. For some it is "smell" for others "taste" or "appearance" for yours "wetness." She can sense how excited she gets, and how wet she gets when mixed with your saliva, and this turns her off. She can't concentrate on anything except for her wetness! What a shame!

I would suggest trying to tell her how much YOU get turned on by that wetness...her excitement, the fact that she gets so wet - it lets you know how fucking horny she is! LEt her know you love it and it it a TOTAL turn on! She may consent after knowing how much YOU like it, to give it a try. Then, when you are down there, try to reassure her. Don't constantly mention "wetness" but try to let her know how much you like to do it.

As for the BJ part - I keep trying to explain to women how much power they have when they hold their man's pride and joy in their mouths....how happy and horny he is right at that moment! I do not know why she doesn't do it more...but if you like it...and I assume you do...I would try to get her to do it more, maybe incorporate a 69 into your foreplay! Sex is adult play, and you can't play too much without the 2 staples of foreplay - BJ's and oral sex for HER!

I wish you luck with this...but I think the key is to make her comfortable with HER..and with her own sexuality....it might take a while, but I think you will reap the benefits when it happens!

Good Luck!


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