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While searching through the vast catalog of Tootimid, I came across this piece of Jewelry and became very excited. I love nipple clamps that have the chain in between them. I adore the feeling of cold metal against my skin dangling from my erect nipples, brushing against my skin with each swaying motion. So you can imagine that when I saw this piece of jewelry I was very excited at the possibility of having an extension of that. All I could think about was getting a new "accessory", a sexy new accessory!


You have the choice of ordering silver or black. I opted for black. It looked hotter to me! The chain itself is simple with two noose loops at each end to hook over your nipples. However, unfortunately I wished the designers had made it so that you could adjust the noose loops on your nipples. As perky as I continued to get my nips, the loops did not hold. I kept getting my nips cold to try and get the chain to hold, but no dice.

But then, DING, an idea!! I remembered I had a pair of clamps that were not chain connected. Now the chain held fine when I used the clamps to hold it in place! So this chain is not a winner on its own. But if you do own some clamps and want an accessory for them, this chain is perfect for the undecided. Its inexpensive and an easy way to accessorize the curves of your body. Take it from me, if you haven't had cold metal against your skin like this, its worth a try.

Get Hooked

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Say that 3 times fast: "Sexy Accessory".........can ya do it???

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Nipple clamps are so hot! Especially if they come with a chain and are tight enough to make the woman grin just a bit. You can see how it makes her entire body tingle and wait to be touched.

I love these nipple clamps and I loved this review. It made me want to hook the chain with a vibrator, tug and pull, and enhance the effect with an ice cube.

It's only Monday, and I'm already like this. Oh, it's going to be a gooood week.

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