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Review by: ladylove 2/13/09

PentHouse Night Nurses is a collection of fantasies that have been written in by actual readers, which Penthouse used and made short stories from. All the women were natural, and men well defined. The introduction of each 'skit' is a 3 x 5 note card with the fantasy and first name of the author. At least one of these short stories could be the (sexual) prescription to heal your.......affliction. The skits include, f/f/m in a machine shop situation, a pole dancer, luxurious surrounding, and yes one that appears to be a hospital environment. With loads of oral, mutual masturbation, and penetration it has something for everyone. If you're looking for loads of action this is just what the doctor order. I prefer romance, and a bit of a story so I give this a icon12.gif heart rating.

Just what the Dr. ordered

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Dear Penthouse:

I’ve always loved doctor shows. I especially love how the nurses seem to be everywhere, doing everything. It always makes me wonder how they’d be at home, with their lovers. And, this DVD, Night Nurses, shot in high definition and in wide screen, really gives you a 90 min. up close & fantasy filling scenes of what some nurses will do for their patients! No need to worry about overly technical plots, or dosing instructions, these nurses have everything you require.

In the first patient, he’s suffering from Work Related N.S.A.P. (Never Sees Any Pussy). Treatment? Multiple doses of high potency vagi. And boy! High dosage you get in this scene! 2 nurses at the factory, trying to help out a Mr. T. Gunn, by distracting him by getting it on themselves at first. I mean, that is just selfless! I didn’t see any pain in his face at all! And they have the newest ways of finding out what’s wrong with you. The latest in technology, did you know that you can take a man’s temperature thru his cock? Well, that’s what these nurses seemed to be doing, so they should know how to do it right.

Patient J. Val Jean, suffers from Habitual Frequency Of Adult Establishments. Treatment options? Explicit Visual Stimulation Required Nightly. In other words, poor Mr. Jean needs to go to strip clubs, and be teased & titillated by the nurse-clad stripper! He receives a lot of manual stimulation, as well as attention to oral as well. She seems to have a way with several different types of poles, if you know what I mean! She takes GOOD care of her charge though.

Next comes M. Camack, who’s diagnosis is Extreme Disorientation. Poor guy. His treatment plan is to have a Full Examination Required With Intense Physical Therapy. I hope his strong, muscular, Italian self is able to withstand that nurse. She really seems to be into her course of treatments. She’s dressed for success too. Thigh highs, uniform, and, of course, her stethoscope. She REALLY knows how to take that man’s temperature! Wow! And he shaved for the procedure too. I thought it was the patient that was suppose to open up and say “AAAHHH”? Well, I didn’t go to medical/nursing school, so I’m probably wrong.

Here comes poor A. Hardwood. I wonder what his affliction could be with a name like that. Oh, I see it’s a Painfully Engorged Pubic Region. Huh. Well, the treatment for that is Semen Sample Necessary For Resting. Apply Therapeutic Massage Nightly. Holy! This nurse comes prepared with a procedure tray, “instruments”, & a very assertive attitude! This nurse definitely keeps an eye on what she is doing! And she knows how to get what the doctor ordered, while the patient is on the gurney!

M. Banderas gets Erotic Hallucinations. Aw, poor thing. He needs Twice Daily Therapy From A Seminal Specialist. Although, the setting for his treatment is on an exam table, inside what seems to be a church, nurses are called “angles of mercy”, so I guess they go where they are called to “duty”.

Thank you, Penthouse, for this fantastic collection of fantasy-based porn. I just have one thing to say: “NURSE!! I NEED SOME HELP IN HERE!!”

I give this DVD a 2 3/4 Tyger Paws up (out of a possible 4 Tyger Paws up).

Just What The Nurse Ordered!

February 2009 DVD of the Month

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