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Having recently found out that im not the only one in a Relationship that is sexually unbalanced I thought I would share my experience of "Last Night" with you.

I had brought an adult board game called Monogamy a few months ago but until then as sex was always an Iffy subject it had sat in a cupboard waiting to be played.

So last night like the a couple of times before I asked if she would like for a laugh to give it a try and was surprised when she YES but only if at anytime she felt uncomfortable with it we ended the game.

We started playing, At first the game started off very slowly asking you to do things like kiss you partner on the cheek or give a foot rub but as the game went on so did the intensity of it. At all times I gave her the option to opt out of her card but she was getting hotter and hotter that barrier that had been there before had almost gone. When we had got to the High level I could see how worked up she was becoming whilst reading the Fantasy cards trying to select one that (SHE!!) wanted to try. Having Landed on a Monogamy square this is like a Chance card on Monopoly but it tells you either confess about something or do an act depending what is on the card she smiled at me then walked into the kitchen. On returning she smeared a large amount of Jam onto my penis then starting with my balls began to lick it off.

She ended with my head in her mouth as this was where the Majority of the jam was then lent forward and this really surprised me as she kissed me passed the jam into my mouth.

She had done just what the card had told her to do!! Sorry if that's a little Graphic.

What Im trying to say amongst my excitement is that if anyone is in the same situation that I was In until last night with a very Miss-Matched sex life and yes even for years like me then DON'T give up keep trying to find away to lose that Barrier. Even try this game as it worked for us

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Sounds great! Congrats trooper on her making a decision to let loose for a night. I hope it continues for you and her! I have been in a similar situation for the past few years. I place a much higher priority on sex than my wife, not that it's a bad thing mind you. We just view the importance and and value of sex a bit different. Over the past few years, she has opened up alot and she continues to surprise me every day with the things she is becoming more accepting of. I love games like this one, I think they can be an excellent sex-aid and most ppl I know that try them, like them. They provide a "safe and normal" way to explore your sexuality and give a simple option of "I don't want to play that anymore" if they become uncomfortable.

Again Congrats and I hope it only gets better from her on out!

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