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Untitled Erotica Chapter 2


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Chapter Two2

Anna was shocked, Everything about him, Down to his glasses, was downright sexy. She had never met someone as caring or thoughtful. When he kissed her, electric tingles ran throughout her body, she felt like she was floating in space. The kiss was soft, longingly soft. Anna leaned into the kiss, and broke out laughing. Jacob had a puzzled expression on his face. She tried to compose herself, but failing miserably as she gasped for breath. She looked up at him and smiling, she said "I can't believe this is real!" The look on his face, told her everything, even before he spoke.3

"Anna, I have waited for this moment for awhile. You are more beautiful than your picture, I feel like I have known you forever, and I never want to be without you." He glanced at her trying to figure out her reaction. Jacob felt amazing, like he was sky high, the best adrenaline rush money could buy. "Why don't we go inside, and get out of the chill air?" He asked her calmly, trying to hide his emotions.4

"Yes, inside is a good idea, and I have waited forever for this moment." She felt flustered, the first time in her life she had no idea what to say, So she took his hand, and he led her inside the hotel room. 5

Once inside, Jacob handed her a dozen Orange Roses, her favorites, and had a glass of Blackberry Merlot ready for her. She was surprised that he had thought about that before he arrived. He knew practically everything about her, thanks to their thousands of conversations online. She couldn't help but be nervous. Anna loved him, more than she thought was possible. Every time his skin barely touched hers, she felt the currant of shock run through her. She couldn't believe this was really happening. They sat down on the couch, and talked, for what seemed like hours. She stayed in his arms, and he held her, never once letting her go. 6

"Are you hungry? Ready to order out? There are tons of places to choose from" He looked into her deep gray pools of iris's, compelled to search out her soul. He knew they were soul mates. Jacob had felt a connection to her from the very start, and he was not about to lose her now. They had sat and talked for a while. Decided what to eat. They finally decided on Chinese. Jacob placed the order, all the while not letting go of Anna. His mind reeled that he was finally here with her, together, sharing wine with the deep scent of roses mingling in the air. 7

Someone was knocking on the door. Jacob got up, regretting having to let go of her. Walking to the door, checking to see who it was. Obviously it was the delivery service bringing the food. He opened the door, grabbing the food, handing the money to the man, and practically ran back to Anna. She was grinning hugely. "what?" he said smirking. Anna just laughed. Her musical laugh filled him up with happiness. He busied himself with the plates, but his eyes wouldn't leave her. 8

Anna noticed he was having a hard time. So she placed her hand on his knee, and told him she would do it. Taking the plate out of his hand, she noticed his staring intently at her. She blushed and started dishing out the food. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore. Setting the plate down on the table. She looked into his eyes, and kissed him. His lips against hers, and she sighed happily. This just felt, right. She loved the way his arms slid around her back, encompassing her body against his. Her fingers played along his neck lightly, sending shivers up his spine. Their lips never separated.9

She gently layed him back, so his head rested on the arm of the couch. he pulled her on top of him, holding her tightly against him. Playing with the back of his neck with her fingers dancing softly along his skin, around his ear. Kissing him as if he would lose her any moment. He removed her shirt, tossing it on the floor. Taking his fingers, and tracing the outline of her body, down to her jeans. He glanced from her to the bed, then back to that beautiful face. Sitting up, he picked her up in his arms, and carried her to the bed. Laying her down gently, he kissed her lips once more, then he began kissing her jawbone, then down her neck, soft, slow kisses. Kissing her ear, gently nibbling on the lobes, as she softly moaned. Jacobs fingers traced her neck, down her collarbone, and resting between her breasts. Making small circles with his fingers, which grew slowly wider, until they were going lightly over her nipples. She moaned a little louder, her breathing quickened. She loved the time he was spending on her. But she wanted him right then. 10

Kissing him, from his lips to his neck, she grinned as he let out a moan. Making him sit up, she pulled off his shirt and let him fall back on the bed. Next she undid his jeans, letting her hands run up and down his legs. Tracing the outline of his boxers, as she kissed him again. Just as she was about to pull off his boxers, he put a hand on her wrist and shook his head. 11

"No baby, tonight is about pleasing you. Not me. Now I want you to lie back, and enjoy. Close your eyes and feel every sensation, concentrate on it, and love it." He said smiling as he unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them off her silky smooth legs. He followed his hands as they slid down with her jeans, kissing her feet, one by one, then soft kisses up to her thighs, going just high enough to smell her musky scent. He could see the pearl of wetness forming along her lips, and he could hardly wait to be there. But they had all night, he kept reminding himself. All night to make love to one another, to shower each other in sweet perfection. He brought his face up to hers, and kissed her softly, then brought it down to her neck, small sweet kisses down her collarbone. Softly tracing the hollow of her neck with his tongue. He lowered his head to her breast, kissing the still clothed skin. Reaching around her back, unclasping her bra with nimble fingers and sliding the straps off her shoulders, kissing each inch of skin they passed. Once again Jacob turned his attention to her breasts. First kissing around each soft mound of flesh, then making his way to the nipple, he swirled his tongue around the pink surface, refusing to touch it. Anna couldn't take it anymore, and gently pushed his head down onto her breast. Finally he took her nipple in his mouth, softly sucking and flicking his tongue against it, making her writhe and moan in pleasure, softly nibbling on the hardened flesh. Switching to the other breasts, he repeated the pattern, teasing her until she pushed his head down once more. His other hand massaging the unoccupied breast. 12

Anna couldn't believe the time he was taking with her, no one had ever done anything like this. IT was a beautiful change of pace from the wam bam thank you ma'am she was used to. Though most of the time she never even received a thank you. Jacob was making sure that she had plenty of attention, and every time she tried to reciprocate, he swatted her hand away. Suddenly, he stopped playing with her breasts, and began kissing down to her naval, then further, making her shake and moan. When he reached his destination, he was overwhelmed with the sensations. He wanted to touch her, kiss and lick her. Feel her from the inside out. But restraining himself, he kissed all the way around her soft mound. Teasing her until she was begging for him to be inside of her, but refusing, he dug his face deep into her pussy, finding her sweetest spot, and ravaged it. Slowly licking, sucking until she was thrashing wildly, screaming out in pleasure as she begged him to make love to her. He used first one finger, then two. She was so tight, he knew she wouldn't be able to handle three. 13

"Y-You need t-to s-s-stop" She moaned. Anna was shaking so hard she could barely get the words out, glancing at him, all she could see was his dark brown hair, his face buried deep in her pussy, driving her further into ecstasy. His fingers searched inside her pussy until he found her g-spot, and her moaning got louder, her shaking increased as she felt the pressure build up and then released. She screamed as all the sexual tension unleashed, wave after wave of orgasm hit her. He felt the tightening of her body around his hand, and began licking up the juices that came like a river. Her cum was thick and sweet, like a vanilla ice cream cone. He continued until she collapsed, unable to move, he rose up, and kissed her. Letting his wet fingers glide upon her stomach, across each breast. 14

She could taste herself on his tongue, moaning as he kissed her, searching her mouth. She ran her tongue along his lips playfully. She was worn out, but she wanted to feel him inside of her. Once again she moved to take off his boxers, and once again she was denied. 15

"I think you need a break baby" Jacob said teasingly. "I'm hungry, how about you?" he spoke as he rose up to go get their dinner. 16

She watched him walk over to the table, thinking she was more in love with this man than she ever thought possible.17

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Wow Again!

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This is totally awesome ... on many, many levels. Can't wait to move on to chapter 3.

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