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More Like A Borderline Whine.....


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<_< <_< So, Saturday, I had a successful day of yard work. Even got a little sun (slight burn to my shoulders and arms, but not too bad). Got the lawn mowed, most of the weed-whacking done, purple iris' planted around the house here and there, washed the lawn mower and refilled it before putting it away. I asked a neighbor to help me jump start it in the morning so I could mow the lawn before my Mom came (today).

Apparently, some of the bullnettle that I thought I'd avoided, splattered up when I mowed over them, and sprayed my arms a tad. I noticed blotches this morning, and by this evening, I have slight itching, but nothing major. No spreading or anything. Besides, I am a freak of nature. I'm not allergic to poison ivy/oak for some reason. I know, I'm odd. Plus, I didn't brush up against any of that anyway. Anyway, so I have some calamine lotion on my arms to try and aleviate the itching. It's not bad, but if I itch it, it'll get worse. I had a patch of it on me last spring, on my ankle, and I itched it, and it stayed for about 3 weeks, even with treatment. Go me.

So, yeah, it's hives, and I have the lotion on, which is good, and I took an antihistamine, also good. I just looked it up on a medical website, and, of course, I should avoid hot showers and baths, which is fantastic, since I took 3 yesterday during the day in between outside projects. I am sssssssssllllliiiiiiiccccckkk!!! :rolleyes:

I'm gonna get some cheese to go with my whine, thanks!!! LOL

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If you hit the plant, yes, the little stinging spikes can really give you some pain and itching. I think this is worst. I mowed the suckers down, and they were quite tall. I got the "juice" from the plant on me, on one spot on my left leg where they were at, and on both arms. Plus, the little seedling feather things decided to rain down upon me. Not sure if those do anything, but, with my luck, they seem to do so. If I actually touch or kick the plant, there's a burning as well as the hives and itching right after contact. No burning or itching this time. Just hives itchy.

Trust me iha, I've handled poison ivy and oak. Moved it, cut it, walked in it (grew up in Maine). I've never broken out cuz of it. For the longest time, I had no clue what it even looked like. After I found out, I was like WOW! I've practically rolled in that! My step-sister's the same way. She never has gotten it either (no blood relation). I did know about not catching it though hubby seems to think that you can. I keep telling him that, so long as he's showered, he's the only one to suffer. LOL He catches it if it barely touches him and he washes it off really quick. He makes up for my lack of sensitivity with it, by being SUPER-sensitive to it!

And the cruel irony of hives! Stay away from hot showers and baths, but the water soothes the itching! I just got out of a luke warm bath, and put more cream on me. I'm gonna go get some of the clear calamine lotion, so, when I go to DD's field trip tomorrow, people aren't freaking out. LOL

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Well....several days later, and the rash is still here. However, using Calamine/Caladryl didn't help. You know what helps? Freakin' Lotramine spray/cream. It's insane, but it takes away most of the itching!! Which helps the rash go buh-bye!! I'm still not sleeping great, cuz everything seems to wear off around 4:30 a.m., to which I hafta reapply everything, and get a whoppin' 1 hr more sleep before DD has to go to school.

I think I may nap today!

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Thanks iha! I looked for that stuff, but couldn't find it. Knowing my luck, it's probably a discontinued medication. LOL I did get Technu and spread it all over myself, which could be erotic if I wasn't so damn uncomfortable. Anyway, that helps neutralize the poison of whatever, to help stop it from spreading.

I will tell y'all something that really does help! Aveeno Oatmeal Bath Soaking stuff. It comes 3 pks to a box, and it's a little under $4. This stuff really does help kill the itch for several hours!!! Tonight, I just soaked in an epsom salt bath, which also helps.

Now we're thinking it's either poison sumac, or bullnettle poisoning. Yay me. Either way, it still itchies. Although today, the rash is getting noticably better, thank gawd!!! Bennadryl, Camadryl, hydrocortisone cream (1%), and soaking........ LOL I got a 2 hr nap today too, which is always nice.

I'm trying really hard to not be a total bitch to be around due to this, but it's hard when all you want to do is scratch. LOL I've blamed hubby for this, cuz if he'd mowed the lawn like he was suppose to, I wouldn't have mowed and got whatever it is I have. LMAO

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Thank you to all those that PMed me, and answered my post. Thankfully, it's 99% gone. Now I just look like I had a chemical burn on my skin. I guess technically, I did. Anyway, hoping it doesn't scar, but it's almost gone!!! YAY! Next weekend, I should be able to get back outside for a good length of time and do some yard work. And, I'm makin' DH do the mowing!! LOL

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