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This is a very dark love story.

Karen rushed to her closet and picked out a kimono to wear. She had a dozen or more – all in bright, colorful, tropical prints. She liked kimonos because the colorful silk accentuated her pale white skin and hid the extra few pounds she carried. Mike liked them because they gave him easy access to any part of her.

It was 4:59 – he’d be here any second. The house was perfect. Everything in its place, sterile as an operating room – just as he liked it. She checked the short glass on the kitchen counter. The ice had melted slightly. Damn! She’d filled the glass too soon again. She dumped the ice and dropped two new cubes in it as she heard the car door slam. That was her signal to pour the scotch. It would be perfect for him when he picked it up.

He strode into the house, loosening his tie and placing his briefcase in the closet. He removed his shoes and carefully set them side-by-side on the mat next to the door.

Karen walked softly to the sofa, loosened the belt on the kimono, allowing her breasts to fall free, and sat, head back, licking her lips. Ready.

The scotch was just the right temperature, Karen had performed perfectly for him again. He removed his pants and shorts and hung them over the back of the bar stool as he picked up the glass and took a few careful sips. Carrying the rest of the drink, he walked to the sofa. Without a word he mounted her and pushed his cock into her waiting mouth. She knew she was expected to play with him with her lips and tongue while he leisurely finished his drink and she went to work doing as she had been trained. She tickled his balls with her fingertips and used her tongue to swirl the head of his cock around in her mouth filled with warm saliva. He sipped his drink and stared idly out the window, enjoying the sensations she was giving him. As the last drop of scotch rolled down his tongue he leaned forward and put the class on the coaster she had placed on window sill behind the sofa. He took a handfull of her hair and pulled her head back, reared above her and drove his cock deep into her throat.

With a satisfied moan he held her face to his belly, making short fast thrusts, using her throat for his pleasure, ““Ahhhh …. Mmmm good, good ...” he murmured. He began stroking in and out, faster and faster as the cum rose in him. He fucked her mouth hard until the cum shot from deep within him, filling her mouth, sending chills through his body. She sucked hard then, draining him of cum, making sure none of it escaped. He hated it if she let any ooze out of her mouth and she had learned not to lose a drop no matter how hard he fucked her mouth.

When he was finished he moved off of her and stood.

“I’ll take a shower. Meet me in my bathroom in a minute. This is poker night and I need to make sure you are clean.” He liked her perfectly shaved, not a single hair, not a bit of stubble on her body below her neck. It embarrassed him when she was not perfectly clean of body hair. Try as she might to shave completely, sometimes she missed a bit – it was hard to get the dark narrow places near her ass. He spanked her with a strap the first time one of they guys found a hair, but Mike is a kind and understanding man. He checks her himself and only spanks her hard if he thinks she has been particularly sloppy.

“There was a phone call for you today,” she said.

“Karen, I told you I don’t want you answering the phone when I’m gone.”

”I’m sorry,” she said, bowing her head. “ I didn’t answer. He left a message. I overheard. I didn’t mean to.”

“Oh. OK. Who was it? What did they want?”

“I was your friend Jon. He wants to borrow something of yours.”

”That guy. What does he want to use this time?”


“When? You’re busy tonight and I want you available to me over the weekend. But ... Karen, you do know you’re not mine. You can do as you please.”

“Yes,” she replied, staring at the floor. But she WAS his. He possessed her completely. She was nothing without his approval. The only worthwhile thing she could do with her life was please him. She would do, and did, anything he wanted if it gave him pleasure.

He stepped out of the shower and found her bending over the sink as he had asked her. The glass dildo was still in her ass.

“Did you wear this all day?”

“Yes,” she replied quietly. She often pushed the cold hard glass into her ass and kept it there all day. It was a constant reminder of him. She got used to the pain. It made her happy.

He pulled the dildo out and spread her ass cheeks. He made a few swipes with a razor and let her cheeks go, watching them jiggle as they fell back into place.

“You did a good job. You only missed a couple of hairs. Do you want this back in?”

“If you wish. Will you need the strap?”

“No not tonight. It was only a couple of hairs.”

She wasn't sure how she felt about that. She disliked the sting of the strap, but it thrilled her to think of Mike looking intently at her round white ass, plotting where to make the red mark that surely proved she was his. Mike slathered some lube on the dildo and heard Karen draw a sharp breath as he spread her ass cheeks and shoved it back in place.

Mike was still dressing and Karen was putting out the hors d’oeuvres as the men began to arrive. There were six of them tonight, Jon, Jerry, Bob, Will, Lawrence, and of course Mike. Except for Mike, who was always dressed in dapper, pressed slacks and a polo shirt, they were all dressed alike in baggy shorts and Hawaiian shirts, flip flops on their feet. She allowed herself to think they had no creative sense, not when it came to clothes. When it came to using her it was a different matter. She poured beers for them, all except Jerry who liked to drink from the bottle, as they sat down to play the first hand.

Jerry won the first hand and turned sideways in his seat. Karen knelt in front of him and took his cock in her mouth as the next hand was dealt. This was the way Mike liked to play host at his poker parties. The winner of every hand got his cock sucked during the next hand. Mike enjoyed offering Karen to his friends. That was until someone won $200. When the first player hit $200 the game changed.

The party got louder and their treatment of Karen got rougher as they played and drank. One hand had been played through several rounds of calls and raises when Will, winner of the previous hand, slurred out “Somebody better win this hand soon or I’m gonna come all over your bitch’s face!”

The table got quiet.

“First,” Mike said, “She’s not a bitch.” Spitting out the last word. “Her name is Karen. Show some respect. Second, she’s not mine. She does as she pleases.”

“Well, I wonder if she’d please to finish playing poker and start playin’ ‘poke her.’ Ha!,” said Jerry. His attempt to lighten the mood failed completely. No one laughed but him. The awkward moment passed and the mood brightened as the men continued to laugh and joke and Karen continued to serve food and beer and suck the winners’ cocks.

“OK, that’s $200,” Mike exclaimed. “I won again! Let’s wrap up the card game and take her on. Karen!”

Karen knew what to do, it was part of the poker night routine. The men took bathroom breaks and talked while she cleared the poker table and put it away. She pulled the big ottoman into the center of the room and put on some music. She danced to the music with her kimono open while they watched, pulling off their shorts, stroking their cocks. The men began dancing around her, touching her with their cocks. They slapped her ass and her titties, pulled her head back by the hair and felt between her legs. Finally one of the men, Jerry she thought, pushed her down onto her hands and knees on the ottoman. He had slathered his cock with lube as he pulled the dildo out of her. His cock popped easily into her ass and the men cheered. Her heart soared as she looked to the side and caught a glimpse of Mike laughing and smiling as Jerry assaulted her ass. It made Mike happy to watch his friend use her, and that made her happy. She caught barely a glimpse of his delight before a cock appeared in front of her face. Someone grabbed her hair and lifted her head and a cock was forced into her mouth. She imagined Mike watching proudly as she, Karen, his woman, gave her ass and mouth to these strange men – for him.

Karen felt jets of warm cum on her ass, someone must have jacked off on her. Was it Jerry still pounding her ass or did someone else take over? She had lost track. Who was in her mouth now? There was cum in her hair, on her face, dripping into her eyes. Mike must be thrilled!! Someone turned her over onto her back. Men took her by the ankles. They stretched her out over the ottoman, spreading her legs wide. A man, Jon she thought, stood between her legs and slammed his cock into her naked pussy. He pounded her furiously for a minute or two before pulling out and shooting cum up the length of her body, on her belly and her breasts. He must have been the last, as the room got quieter and the activity died down after he unloaded on her. Someone was still massaging cum into her tits, but the other men were getting dressed and heading for the door.

When the last man left Mike said, “Clean this up. I’m going to bed.”

Karen cleaned the house in the nude, just as the men had left her. She had nothing to hide and no reason to dress. When the house was spotless again she showered and washed her hair. Karen was in the shower for a long time, letting the hot water wash away the details of the evening, careful not to lose the memory of how pleased Mike had seemed. She put on a clean Kimono, went to her room and crawled into bed.

Her heart beat faster as she heard a noise in the kitchen. Mike was up. Would he come to her? Her heart swelled as she heard him come near and then open the door to her room. He pulled the covers back, rolled her onto her back and pushed her legs apart. In an instant his hard cock was in her, thrilling her, pumping her pussy, giving them both the pleasure they had ached for all evening. He fucked her for a long time, fast, slow, sometimes barely moving. When at last he filled her he rested, still inside her.

Would this be the night he would lie with her? Would he hold her as she slept? Keep her warm? Keep her safe?

He pulled out of her, got off the bed and left the room. Karen rolled to her side and lay alone in the dark. She felt his cum trickle down her leg and a smile broke over her face. She had made Mike happy again.

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Wow! I like ... a lot! Good work Sunday, and strangely exciting.

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