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Hi There,

I just came across your site and must tell you I have learned a ton already. Thank you!!!!

My wife and I have been married for almost 9 years, and have 2 beautiful children. My wife has always been more open about sex and always had a higher sex drive then me. A few years ago I had an operation so I could stop taking some medication and since then I have noticed that I am always "in the mood" so to say. So now I am the one with the higher sex drive.

Since I wasn't that experienced, I tend to finish fast during intercourse, much to my dismay :( . I have tried the start and stop technique (without much success) to try and learn how to last longer. I have to say that I am not overly well endowed (maybe a side effect of the medication since I was taking it before puberty and through my teens and twenties and I know of some other side effects that I have suffered from) but I have learned to compensate with my fingers and tongue, I mention that because I realize sometimes I lack sexual confidence.

Since my wife and I do not have much time to go multiple rounds between the sheets (being full time parents, both of us working full time jobs and running a business on the side) I am looking for tips or techniques I can try or we can try (as she is willing to help in what ever way possible) to help me improve my stamina. Do you think this could be a medical condition that I should see a doctor about (if you think a doctor, what kind? a urologist????)

I am able to last much longer when she is giving me a blowjob or a handjob or I am going solo. It is just the fact that when we are in the act of penetration that I don't seem able to control myself. It is almost as if as soon as I touch her warm, wet, silkiness that I am ready to explode. Our forplay session are great in that I can make her climax or get right to that point before penetration so we can finish together but it would be wonderful if I could last longer so we both get better enjoyment.

Please help with any tips or suggestions. Thanks for any help or guidance you might be able to provide with.

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Welcome Jessy!

I would say definitely try Howard's suggestions....pushing on the MDP (million dollar point) that area between the testes and the anaus will stop the flow of semen to the penis, and can delay the ejaculation.

I will also suggest to you to try a cock ring! Although cock rings are designed to help with erectile dysfunction, they can also help with premature or speedy ejaculation. Cock rings trap the blood and semen in the penis by cinching the testes and the penile shaft (gently) and prohibiting the outward flow.

I think the most successful method is probably still the start and withdrawal method that Howard describes. It does take practice, and I wouldn't expect results immediately, but what you are doing is retraining your brain and your penis to react differently to sexual stimulus.

Good luck and keep us posted!


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