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Tantus Buzz Review For Vaginal Use


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I just received the Tantus Buzz in purple, and I was wonderfully surprised by the silicone vibe. I have never owned a silicone toy and was anxious to try it out and see what everyone was raving about.

So lets start with the basics, The tantus is 100% silicone which means that you can put it in the dishwasher, boil it, or just use plain old antibacterial soap which makes it great for easy clean up. When using lube, make sure you are not using a silicone based lube because it will break down the silicone in the toy. Its 6 inches long and has a girth of about 1 1/4 inches, which makes it a nice size for just about everyone. It comes with a mini-vibe which can be inserted into the bottom. From my experience I suggest a litttle bit of lube where you put the vibe in, mine got stuck the first time I tried it out. Make sure that you remove the paper from the inside of the mini-vibe to make it work.

My husband was all for it as soon as he read it was for anal as well as vaginal use. It definately peaked my interest on many levels at that point. We started out using it vaginally and without the vibe. With lube, it felt so smooth that I couldn't believe it. I loved the fact that it is completely smooth except for one little bump. That bump made all the difference it seemed to hit my g-spot in just the right way, within minutes I was already having a great orgasm. Needless to say we were both surprised, and couldn't wait to put the vibe in and see what happened next. My husband slid the vibe in and it got even better I had multiple orgasms! I was completely shocked and totally satisfied! Next time we are going for anal and I am sure it will be the same fantastic Orgasm. Who knows maybe better. I am definately keeping this one on top of my toy box.

I would recommend this vibe to anyone. For beginners thinking of purchasing a vibe this would be a very good size without worrying about being too big. For people who love anal this is a great size not too big, but for beginners I would suggest something a little smaller. If you are into harness play this is perfect without the fuss of wires. I say "Go for it" anyway you want it. You won't regret it.

Product ID: TANVB6187

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