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Ordered First Masturbator!

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Sorry I didn't reply sooner..I'm sure many could guess where I have been!

All I got to say is wow! My first attempt at using it was very, very pleasing. Since I don't have anything to compare it to its hard to do a fair review...so I'll just tell the story. :D

Well I got home from work and there the package was. Shipped USPS discreetly, which is a great thing in my case. I usually get home before the SO does so I knew I had plenty of time to figure it out.

I opened the package in the bathroom and cleaned it very throughly. I ran upstairs with it and turned on one of my favorite flicks. I didn't take long before my cock was ready to be inserted. I quickly lubed up with the H20 lube that I also purchased, and went went inside.

omg! this feels like the real thing! I almost couldn't believe how good it felt. paird with the egg vibrator in the other end it was almost too much. I'm guessing in less than two minutes I came.

Less than an hour later I did it again, and about 3 hours later I did it again! 3 TIMES in one night and once the next morning. Mark that 4 TIMES in less than 24 hours. Each time I only lasted on average about 4 minutes.

My next toy is probably going to be a "sleeve" or something prostate related.

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Good for you!! I'm glad that this toy was a success for you!!! :)

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