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Yeah, I stole the topic description from the actual item page, but other than that, here are my thoughts on the Lovers Candles offered at tootimid.


After a rough and stressful day, what sounds better than a nice relaxing massage? How about a massage with a bit of kink? That’s right, a massage with kink. For your enjoyment and relaxation, Tootimid has brought Lovers Candles, made of sensual and smooth soy oil. These candles are really fantastic.

I love giving my wife massages. It is one of the sexiest and most intimate things we can do for one another. Now think about this for a second. When giving a massage, what are some essential items to have on hand? Lighting? Perfect, this is a candle. Pleasing scents? Well the one I have is Dreamsicle, an amazing scent that is orange and vanilla. It smells good enough to eat! Of course you need oil for your massage, right? Again, this little delight has it all. As the soy wax melts, it pools and becomes a silky, warm massage oil that can be poured anywhere you or your lover can imagine.

Now, I have played with candles for years, just regular household candles. I have poured the wax on my hands and feet, peeled it off and been fine, but I cannot imagine the pain of pouring that kind of wax on more ‘sensitive’ areas. When my wife poured this on my stiff shoulder blades, I was very pleased at the warmth it provides, not stinging, burning, pain, but a warm/hot tingling and soothing sensation.

These candles are significant in that, they don’t return to wax while on your skin. It remains in a liquid state waiting to be massaged in. I cannot tell you how good it feels on tired, stiff, or sore muscles. We have poured this wax almost everywhere imaginable. We tried, necks, arms, legs, back, buttocks, thighs, calves, hands, tummy, and breasts. We avoided some areas due to the fact that it remains a liquid. I would caution that this product MIGHT, but not definitely, be too hot to pour on nipples or other genital areas. If you want, you can even just peel some semi-stiff wax, and begin to massage it in and it will warm up to yours or your lovers body heat, and melt right in.

Now, I can say that these candles are bigger than ones I have gotten at my local store or other places I ordered on line, and the scent lasts longer too. So if you have ever considered being like Madonna from Body of Evidence or Tanya Roberts in Night Eyes, now is your chance! Get one of these candles and let a night of sensual and erotic massage begin!

CAUTION!!!! While I was playing with my candle, I got the bright idea to put it on a candle warmer. Now, this did warm the entire candle up, made my living room smell nice, and was fine for me to dip fingers in and so on. However, when I poured some on my hand, it was HOT! The case for the candle is metal and will burn you. Again, be careful!

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Great Review Crazy!

I must say, I have never tried one of these candles, but they sound great. I will definitely have to give it a try. I am so glad you gave the warnings about the wax being too hot to put directly onto nipples or other body parts which are sensitive, cause I might have gone right for the gusto and poured it on there - thanks for the warning!


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