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Good News (finally! Maybe?)



I got a package in the mail yesterday from one of the companies I submitted my resume to.

I do that a lot, on an average week I submit around 50 copies of my resume to employers.
I also fill out roughly 30 applications each week.

I get a few hits here and there.
When all is said and done, I try and find more employers and find more websites to subit a resume to,
I figure that way, any unposted employers can find me in their searches, and I can search their sites and find more employers.
It is a very time consuming way to find a job.

Anyways, as I was saying, I got a package in the mail yesterday.
I applied to this company last month, its for a merchandiser.
A merchandiser is someone who goes from store to store and re moves all the stuff to confuse the hell out of the shoppers, they are also the folks who go in and lay the ads down on the floor.

Anyways, they contacted me, they want me to go in for a drug test.
I am really afraid to get my hopes up, I know a lot of employers ask people to submit to a drug screening before being hired.
I know they are seriously considering hiring me if they are giving me a test.
Most employers wouldn't even bother asking a prospective employee for a test if they wern't thinking of hiring them, would they?
I have no worries about passing it, even a hair follicle test I could pass with flying colors.
The last time I smoked pot was 4 years ago, so it isn't like it is a every day thing or where I did it last month and stopped to clean up.
I mean yeah the scripts I had when the dentist was doing work on me would show up, but, they can tell from the test that I am not one for drug use.

God I am a nervous friggin wreck right now.
I have to call the lab tomorrow and set up an appointment for the test.
I have a dentist appointment tuesday.
I have an interview wednsday with a book store here in town.
I have to take the kids grandma to the oncologist thursday for her chest and back x rays.
Then we get to sit down and discuss "options"

She was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma a couple of weeks ago.

So now they need to find out how far wide spread it is, and what options are available.

Seed thereapy, which uses radiated material that looks like seeds planted into the tumor to help shrink it.

Surgery,depending on how far it has spread etc, they can either use traditional methods or use the newer laprascopic methods.

Chemo, this is a pretty agressive treatment, besides, with the kids here if they get sick her immune system will be zilch with the chemo, and a common cold can kill her.

Radiation, the hospitals here have been having a pretty good sucess rate with radiation, they can pinpoint it to a certain area and treat only that area.

Chemo/radiation combo, this is a traditional method used for most patients with a more wide spread strain of cancer.

Then there is something new that the University is trying and having good sucess with.
I know, I said the same thing "BUBBLES?!"
Yeah, they inject some sort of a mild chemical in the body, introduce carbon dioxide, and a bubble forms around the tumor cutting off the blood flow to it, but not the other areas of the body.
The bubbles stay in place until they are popped by the dr.
It is much less invasive and much less painful than other methods.
Mainly it is used to treat cancer in those delicate areas like the liver and the ovaries/ fallopian tubes.

the doctor has high hopes for a full recovery.
It is not an agressive form, and goes quickly into remission with radiation therapy.

So, I guess we will wait and see what happens from here.

ok, lunch time for the crew.



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