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The Fit Hits The Shan



Ok, if any of you followed my rant on the board, you know the situation.
My step sister has come in and cleaned out the house.

Pictures, guns, knives etc.
Everything is dissapearring quicker than Houdini could get out of a straight jacket.

It really irks me that they scream and holler and yell and demand to know where every little thing is, and the fact of the matter is, we just don't know.

Anyways, they are gonna be here any minute, so I gotta jet and be prepared.
Ill add more later.

Ok I know I said I would edit this later, and it has been later.
A lot later.
anyways, I really don't feel comfortable discussing this any more cause there will be legal action involved.
ill let yalls know how that goes.


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