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Maybe The Next One....



Maybe my next life will be a bit better.

All I can say is this is so not fair.
My ewe dropped dead last week.
I have no idea why, half of her wool fell out practically overnight, and the next day she was on the ground dead.

The vet told me he thought it was scrapies.
This is a serious thing.
Scrapies is very much a extremely contagious disease, it affects, sheep, goats and cows.
It is a neuological disorder that affects the central nervous system.
It causes seizures, and all sorts of problems, in cows it is commonly reffered to as mad cow disease.

This is very bad because I keep goats and a black angus cow in the same pen as the sheep.
SO far, none of the other pen mates have shown signs of hair loss, seizures etc.
Personally, I think she at herself to death.

There is a bacteria that naturally live in the ground, feces and the digestive tract,
if they over eat, this bacteria goes nuts and kills them by multiplying.
I know, gross, and probably more info than you wanted to know.
But they were supposed to have been vaccinated for this problem when thery were still young.
None including the vet has mentioned anything about a booster shot.
cut me some slack ok? I kinda got thrown into the whole ranch hand situation.
This is all new to me, and I have no idea of what I am supposed to do, other than feed the animals daily, and make sure the fences are in good shape.
And figure out if there is any odd behavior in the animals.

Odd behavior? hmm, well lets think aout that for a second...
my cow is a retard, she thinks she is a goat.
No lie.
She runs around and jumps with all 4 feet off the ground like a damn goat.
she also thinks she is a dog, she will come up and literally lick your face like a dog.
That in its self is a bit creepy.
To have this huge rough wet tounge with NASTY breath come out and lick your face.
Now THAT is wierd behaviour.

The goats think they are rams.
they lock horns and do mock battle over the female goat, and the goats are brother and sister!!
how wierd is that?

anyways, i need to jet later taters


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