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Oh lord,

My schedule is back to normal, kinda, the boss has me flip flopping all over the place, half of the week I am on days, the weekends I am on mornings, and on the latter part of the week I am on midnights.
Damn, my sleep schedule is all messed up.

2 of the girls have poison Ivy.
My 7 year old had this rash on her face, I took her into the doctor, and she pointed it out right away, so today was spent outside in the backyard with long sleeved shirts and pants and boots and long gloves pulling weeds and trying to find the source of the culprit.
We fund it, a 9 foot tall poison sumac tree growing out of the neighbors yard.
So we grabbed some saws and some face masks and began hacking.
We also found poison ivy growing and hiding amongst the grape vines.

So, now the backyard is clear of all irratants, I hope.

The girls have testing next week for their hapkido class, they are all white belts right now, but the Master said they are ready for testing, so it might be a big jump for them to go to a yellow belt.
They are doing so much better since they started the classes.
They have mor confidence and self esteem.
I think it has been good for all of them in some aspect or another.
One has learned how to quit being such a wuss, the other has learned how to keep her anger in check a bit more, and the third one has learned how to stand up t herslef.
it has been so good to them that I have decided I may want to enroll in classes myself.

Well, i met someone, well, actually i have known him for a while.
we have chatted for a couple of years now, and we have just started talking about the possibility of having a relationship.
it is not a big rush for either one of us.
we want to make sure that things are going to work out.
will they?
who knows only time will tell that one.

well, im off, i have to be to work early tomorrow, AGAIN.

I have to fill up the car, AGAIN, I also have to break out the suit, I been looking for a job closer to home, 50 bucks a week in gas just to get back and forth to work each week is a bit much, it is getting old and extremely expensive.

have a great night yalls!!


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