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A Brief Update



OK, so most people who read this know I have a tendancy of ranting and venting here.
Quite honestly, I feel it is better to rant in a blog than fill up the board with my senseless rantings.
especially when i make a 180 degree turn.

Today is not going to be about ranting and venting.
well, maybe.

I am actually just going to put down some maybe good news for a change?

I am so damn excited I can't stand it....

My 7 yr old has been sick lately, and she has been purposly coughing in everyones face, meaning were all sick.

So the other day as I was getting hit with this crud full force, I had cold chilld and the fever and the whole 9 yards.
I went to the store to get dinner for my youngests birthday party.
I began to feel nauseated again.
I stopped into the little liquor store to get a ginger ale to settle my stomach, the guy behind the counter said hi, like always, and asked how i was.
I told him " with as sick as i have been, im actually pretty good"
he said " well you got the pretty part down, don't know about the good part"
then i set my soda on the counter, he handed me my soda and the 5 i gave him to pay for it.
he startd to say something to me, then i turned around and asked his name, and i told him mine.

I told mom, and she said it sounds like he is kinda sweet on me.
yeah ok great, so i know his name, and he knows mine.
how do i proceed from here?


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