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It Bit Me Back



Someone posted something, wating to know hwo people can be in cruel relationships.

Ity made me think back to my days in a bad relationship.
The fighting, the yelling, the screaming, and the physicla violence that follwed suit.

It wasn't too bad, generally a slap on the ass too hard, then it escalated, to slaps on the face, or a punch in the eye.
then he wised up, no marks on the face.
I had bruises up and down m y legs and arms, on my chest, my hips, my back, everywhere.

then the abuse got worse.
he punched me in the nose when i backtalked him.
he has blacked both of my eyes, split my lip opne more times than i care to count.
hes even knocked out a couple of teeth.
and thats part of my problem now.
there has been so much damage to the bone layer from the punching and the kicking, that my teeth are falling out.

yeah, i still strugle with it, and yes i still try to adapt, but it gets old sometimes ya know?
i would love to be able to eat a salad.
right now, with ll the fresh fruits and veggies coming into season, i am dying.
i would love to sink my teeth into a ripe crisp juicy apple.
but i cant
hell, i cant even eat a strawberry.
instead i have to rely on breads and soft foods like pasta and mased potatos.
i cant chew them, i have to swallow them whole.
and trust me, all these carbs ar enot good for my diet.
i have gained 75 pound sin the last 2 years.
i am very unhappy with my body, but i cant do much about it, unless i want to toss my steak into a blender and drink it.
no thanks, think ill pass.

it just sucks you know?
ive been away from him for almost 10 years, and im still getting bit in the ass by his actions....


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Oh sweetie,

I'm soo sorry you had to go through that. What a terrible person...I hope he's no where near you now.
Sending hugs, Nymph;)
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Hi, I just saw this. My older brother used to beat me up as well. I realize it's not the same, but I know that it's totally demeaning. I'm sorry your life has been effected like this. Hugs.

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Whiskey, as a cop I've seen it a thousand times over. I'm not gonna tell you anything you already have not heard. I'm sure you've heard everything from MDs, Social Workers, Prosecutors..yadda, yadda, yadda. The good news for you and us here is that you recognize the problem (the man not you) and won't put up with it again. Your a strong woman and I can promise you that somewhere out there there is a man who will recognize what a wonderful woman you are. Just be confidant in who/what you know you are. Beautiful, attractive and sexy will come shining thru. Tig and I have worked/ researched DV. She's the smart one and if needed give her a PM. She would love to hear from you. With lots of love, Tango

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