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The Hardest Choice



4 days ago, I had to make a choice.
My dog became severely ill, the diagnosis was grim indeed, septis, renal failure and her demise was inevidable.
She was given about a week left to live.
She was 15, had diabetes for 9 years and required insulin injections twice a day.
She gave me 15 good years as a friend, a protector and a family member.
I chose to have her put to sleep, it was the most humane decision I felt I could make given the circumstances.
I know if any pet owners are reading this, they can relate to what it is like to have to make the choice.

Now the other dog is suffering from depression.
Honestly, I am not making this up.
He refuses to go out in the backyard, he urinates and defacates in the house.
The only way he will use the bathroom outside is if I take him for a walk.
Now, don't get me wrong, walking is great and has terrific benefits for he and I both, but, walking him during a thunderstorm or even when it is raining is just not feasable, and he is a lot like a kid, he hears water running, and he has to go potty.

When he DOES go out back,(more like when I drag his 100 LB. butt out there) he stays at the door and cries until he is let in.
I have to get ahold of the vet and ask her about things that can help him snap out of it.

Anyways, work is work,
I got this one guy hassling me all the time, I seriously doubt he will last much longer, he has already had 3 write ups, next one is gonna be his termination.
No one there can stand him.
I will be excited as all get out if he gets fired.
Don't get me wrong, I really like my job, I get to work with all the really cool loonies, and I honestly like most of my co workers, well, with the exception of 2 of them, but I rarely have to work around the one,
and the other, I grit my teeth and bear it.
For the most part though, my boss is cool, the assistant manager is cool.

But this joker is just too much, he leaves during the busiest part of the day and leaves me there alone with customers waiting as patiently as possible for their orders.

Most of them have a sense of humor and I can USUALLY defuse the situation by cracking a joke or a smart ass comment.
There is always at least 1 person that you can not sway, and generally I know who it is, I give them great food, great service and a smile, I tell them a cute little one liner joke, make them smile, and after that it is easy.

Well, I gotta go and drow errrr bathe the kids and get them all set for school tomorrow.

I will leave you all with a grin for today with my favorite one liner.

whats the differance between a harley and a hoover?
The position of the dirtbag


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I know what you are going through Whiskey. In my lifetime we have had to put 3 dogs down - one was only 4 years old, but had Luekemia. OF course your other animal is depressed! Dogs and cats are especially in tune with not only their master's emotions - you are probably feeling kind of down too - but also fellow pets. He or she knows the other dog is dead - he can sense it. Dogs can actually sense when someone is sick, ill or terminally ill - so that dog knew the other was going to die. It is freaky but part of nature. Just like when your dog kills a rabbit or something in the yard and continually sniffs out where the "death" happened and rolls there..ick!

I am sorry for your loss...I know how much it SUCKS!!!!! Try to find some joy in your other animals!



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Thanks Kayla,
I have had to put down several animals in my lifetime, more than I care to count.
Yes, it does suck , hard core, and I know it is all part of life and things will continue to move on.
Even now the other animals are beginning to make a new routine, the other dog has made his "den" in the corner of my room where the baby plays on the floor.
And of course he is becomming a spoiled brat LOL
He loves his walks and at least now I know he is getting his workouts and using the bathroom outside.
Biggest problem now? when I go out for a smoke he thinks he is going out for a walk LOL

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