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Wild Sex



Oh yeah, my knee is feeling much better! Hubby and I had WILD sex last night. I guess he was glad I felt better! First we went to dinner -nice place. Then we were driving home and I gave him the beginnings of a great blowjob in the car! I know how distracting it can be, so I only just started. When we pulled into our garage, he hoisted me up onto the chair that is out there (bar stool), spread my legs and began to eat me out! It was wonderful! I came quickly and he said "even!"

We went inside, paid our babysitter, checked on our son and he went to lock the door behind her. I went into the bathroom, stripped naked, washed up a bit and met him in the doorway to our bedroom buck ass naked! He pushed me (gently) onto the bed and continued where he left off - but I wanted to suck his cock again so I reached for it and got him to straddle my face! Doing a 69 is one of our favorites!

I won't bore you all with the details but the night ended with me tied in my bed restraints and getting a good, hard spanking and FUCKING for a good 2 hours! When it was over, my knee hurt - but you know what, it was DAMN worth it!!!!

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