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Keep Forgetting



Hi ALL! I am sorry that I keep forgetting about this "blog" but I do so much other writing that I forget! This week in particular has been kind of trying. My son, who you may or may not know, has severe ADHD and he is having a hard time in school. I thank my lucky stars that he is healthy and seemingly happy - but some days that ADHD really takes a toll on me. He has been medicated since before he was 3 - which is a little rare, but we really had no other option.

It sometimes makes it hard for my hubby to understand, why he acts this way or that way - but we have to be patient and at least try to understand him. I know there are a lot of other parents out there with similiar dilemmas - I just need to FIND SOME! The not knowing what to do is really the worst part. I wonder if he is happy, if he is depressed, if he knows that he is not a'normal' - it is just heartbreaking!

Anyway, I am usually not such a downer, but this blog is more of a "real life" kind of thing, so I figure people who want to read this can see that I am a real person, with real issues and a real family.

My other situation is the girlfriend of mine who asked me to do a lesbian encounter with her is, how shall I say, still persisting. I haven't talked to her since I told her no, but she called me last night and asked me to go out for drinks. I said "no" because my hubby and I had "plans" hee hee hee. So, she got mad at me and told me that I didn't want to be around her because I was attracted to her. I talked to her for about an hour, assuring her that wasn't it. At the end of the conversation she again asked me to "fuck" her and introduce her to lesbian sex. The poor girl, she is really confused and trying to find her way. I feel bad, but I just can't do that right now.

I told my hubby about the proposition and he said, "if it is something you REALLY want to do, who am I to stop you?" I loved him for saying that, although I could tell he was wondering about it. Would I do it, would I want to do it. Would I go back to being with women again? I could see he was trying to be stoic and not worry about it, but he knows that I enjoyed being with women, so it is probably hard for him. He also knows that I am a woman who does what she wants - within reason - and doesn't want to force me.

Life.....sometimes so interesting!

I guess that is all I have to say right now...I will check in with my "followers" later!



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My youngest brother had ADHD, and so does my great nephew.
So I know exactly what you are going through.

It us very frustrating trying to get them to stay still long enough to eat a snack let alone trying to get them to stay still in school so they an get their school work done.

It seems as though they are endless ball of energy.
If I could bottle even a tiny ammount of that energy, I think I would be rich LOL

You will always have the good days and the bad days, and then youll always have "those days", you know the ones, where you just want to tie his arse down in a chair and gag him to make him sit still for 5 minutes and stop the hollering?

Anyways, if you or hubby ever want a shoulder to lean on, mine are always here, just use the left one, the right one has formula on it.


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Mikayla, have you looked into your son's diet? My son is on the autism spectrum, and I think we're about to embark on a gluten- and casein-free diet. Sure to be loads of fun, considering all he eats is crunchy starch.

I have a book about the Feingold diet that deals specifically with ADHD - the doctor thinks that the dyes and additives in a lot of food contribute to the behavior, and finds that eradicating them from a diet will greatly increase attentiveness, decrease moodiness, etc.

My brother was misdiagnosed with ADHD - took drugs for years. Just got an Asperger's diagnosis earlier this year.

Sucks to be a woman sometimes, huh? So many things to juggle.

Take care!

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I am sorry to hear that your son is having to deal with ADHD at such an early age.
I know that it is VERY taxing on you , trying to do all that you can for him. Just trying to keep up with his endless supply of energy, is wearing you out mentally and physically.

At the age of 3, my son had such energy, that I took him to the doctors and was told that he just needed to be spanked more. That was the last time I took him to that doctor. By the time he entered kindergarden, he was out of control. Not sitting still during class, looking out the window, basically ants in the pants.
Just about the same time a new doctor came to town and I made an appointment. Hopefully he could answer some of my questions and suggest a treatment. To my surprise he not only suggested treatment but made all the neseccary appointments and then started him on a low dose medication. Yes my son was a Ritalin child.Three times a day 5 days a week. That helped along with bio-feed back. By the time he was in middle school, the medication didn't work that well. Once puberty started, the medication didn't. It had just the oppisite effect. He sped up. So the doctor said that we could try an anti-depressant and counseling. That worked until 8th grade.
By then he had refused to go to school and tried to drop out, but I wouldn't sign the papers. "What good is an education if you don't use it." So with no meds I dealt with it the best way I knew how.... 1 day at a time. He was now getting so out of control that I finally had to ask for my parents help and they assumed custody. The were old school and took no crap from anyone. They made him go to school, learn a trade, and graduate. Then he made the decision to go to a technical school in another state to further his education.
Within 8 weeks, we noticed a drastic change in him. So once more I took him to the doctor and he refered us to a specialist and he was ultimatly diagnosed as being bipolar.
Yes during the years I had noticed changes in him but just thought that he would out grow it. The sudden out burst and the deep depressions did not occur to me as being bipolar. Until my husband came home with an article from Time magizine and there in print was all the information that I needed. I didn't want to believe it. But I had to face the possibility.

Don't get me wrong, PLEASE. I'm not saying this could happen to your son. I hope and pray that another child doesn't have to go through what my son did. Nor any mother walk a mile in my shoes.

You are not alone.
A wise woman once told me that knowledge is power and power is knowledge.

Keep your chin up and your spirit higher.
God only gives us what he knows we can handle.
And keep searching for answers.
But most of all, cherish the little things that you see through your sons eyes.

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