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I hate the Depo shot.
I should have known that there was gonna be some kind of funky side effects.
I heard all these women rant and rave over it " oh yeah you don't have any cycles for like 3 months"
Yeah, right, try the opposite, you have a cycle for like 3 months, then you stop for a week then its back to the menses for another 3 months.
It screws with your sex drive BIG TIME!
It makes you cranky, irratable, and downright beat.
I am still trying to recover from the one and only shot I got 7 months ago!

Oh well, enough rambling, I know no one wants to hear about my dis satisfaction with my birth control.

Anyways, things went well today at work, I volunteered to go in on thanksgiving and black friday, both days I will get time and a half.

on top of any overtime I get normally.
That could make for a VERY nice check.

I just went out to have a smoke and was greeted by a very bright flash of lightning and a loud rumble of thunder.
Even being under an umbrella I still got drenched.
Well, I think it is time for me to curl up under some nice warm blankets and sleep for a bit.
6AM comes awfully damn early.

Night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite, and if they do, get the Raid!

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You are too funny! It was snowing AND thundering and lightening here. I walked on my porch and said, what the fuck is this shit? God must be confused!

Oh well....it is good to know about the shot. Personally, I think anything that takes your period away for 3 months is unnatural!

Have a good one!


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