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Another Mess



I swear, if it isn't one thing, it's another.

I got paid last wendsday, same as every other week.
I collected my check and cashed it.
I was informed that the manager wanted to see me, oh great, I was thinking, what did I do wrong now?
Evidently, my name was entered into a drawing, I won a 50 inch tall bear.
This sucker is friggin HUGE!!!
Anyways, I finished my workday, got gas, got smokes and came home.
I kept a 100 dollar bill aside for bills, I was gonna pay my phone and cable bill and give the rest to gramma for the gas, water, or whatever bills she needed to pay.
I do that on a regular basis, I give her between 50 to 75 bucks a week for whatever bills there are.
Anyways, I decided since it was late and every place was closed, I would pay the bills the next morning before work, and maybe sneak in some grocery shopping.

I got up the next morning, had my grocery list in hand, I began to get out my food stamp card and my money, only to discover that they were both gone.
My 20 and my singles were still there.

We all tore the house apart, the living room, the kitchen, the 4 bedrooms, both bathrooms, we looked EVERYWHERE, and to no avail.
I had to call the card in as being stolen.

ok fine, we still have enough to get us through until next payday, tomorrow.
I have a tendancy to buy meat when its on sale and store it in the deep freeze, and our mail carrier brought us about 40 LBS. of venison from when he went out hunting.
I also hit up a lot of the 10 for 10 sales, especially when its on things like pasta or rice and bread which I also freeze.

So no there is no chance of my kids starving.

To make matters worse, gramma woke up yesterday in a lot of pain, throwing up, unable to hold down even water.
I took her into the hospital, they admitted her, they have a tube down her throat draining her stomach which continues to fill up despite not being able to eat or drink.
They have no idea whats wrong with her, they are still running tests.
She may have to stay for a few more days.

This is really gonna suck, we had plans to have Thanksgiving dinner at her daughters house,
with her being in the hospital, we don't know whats going on.
I myself think it would be good to continue with the priginal plans, and bring her a plate and let everyone visit her, one by one of course.

The kids can't see her because the 6 yr old is sick, and they have no way of telling if the others are harboring cold or flu viruses.

Anyways, thats about it for now.
I gotta go and see how gramma is feeling, I am gonna call up there and see whats new.
I honestly hope this is not the way shes gonna go, no one deserves to suffer.


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