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Baaad Whiskey



Yes, I am bad, I know.
It has been too long since I posted.
Unfortunatly folks at work are dropping like flies.
My favoritist gal pulled a no call no show, right after she informed me that she was into girls *cries*

oh well, life goes on.
T and I split, seems I was more of a baby sitter than anything, she said "I wanna see you, but I have to work late, watch the kids and I will stop by after work"
Ok fine, no sweat, well, "working late" does not entail working till 5 AM when you are supposed to be home by 11 PM.
And no I know she wasn't really working, shed come over with hickeys and smelling of someone elses cologne.
Eventually I called her on it, and she admitted to useing me.

Oh well, life goes on, and no I am not broken up about it, I knew from the git go it was just about sex, plain and simple, thats what she wanted, thats what she got.

I was more pissed about being taken advantage of.

Anyways, I been working between 12 and 15 hour days, 2 more folks up and quit, with them gone, it leaves a whole 4 employees to pick up the slack.
The boss is supposed to be holding interviews tomorrow, well see.

Someone also told the boss I wanted to work the midnight shifts, NOT!
I enjo sleeping during the evening, and playing while the kids are asleep.

besides, I only score about 4 hours of sleep during the days.

Not cool.

Anyways, I gotta change and get ready for work,

Hope you all have a great new year!


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